G Spot Stimulating Cream
Ooh That's It

Use a G Spot stimulating cream to find this elusive hot spot. As a woman who has discovered hers, I am here to tell you that it does exist.

Just because the G-Spot is not obvious doesn’t mean it’s a hallucination.

The woman who has a toned vagina has the potential to have a vaginal, multi orgasm.

Multiple orgasms aren’t exclusively for the very lucky. They’re for any woman who's willing to try.

Find your G-Spot is, and excite it with Ooh, That’s It!


  • Directions: Locate your G-Spot with your finger using the “Find It! Guideincluded inside!
  • Apply with one finger, a dime size amount of “Ooooh! That’s it! to this lumpier area of the vagina.
  • Move your finger in a ‘come hither’ fashion.
  • Have you or your partner manually stimulate your G-Spot until you feel it increase in size.
  • Within minutes this super sensitive area of the vagina will start to make its presence known.
  • Feel its delightful tingle.

Rubbing an unexcited G-spot may initially feel like you’re making yourself want to pee.

(You’re actually pushing on the urethra behind it.)

But keep rubbing that tiny amount of the G Spot stimulating cream and within moments, the G-spot starts to swell. Use additional lubrication if need be, and include Kegel squeezes, if possible.

Once it has swelled, guide your lover's penis head to it. A tiny bit of G Spot stimulating Cream can lead to the beginning of a multi orgasmic life.

Then make love using one of the specially designed G-Spot positions as described in the Find it! Guide.

Increases the size and sensitivity of the elusive G-Spot allowing the ULTIMATE G-Spot orgasm!

Experience a new level of intimacy with a partner or enjoy with a favorite toy.

Box Contains 1oz/30ml Flip Top Bottle

All natural active ingredients and condom friendly.

40 adventures in every bottle.

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