Liberator Pillow

 The Liberator Pillow was  designed with sexual positioning in mind. Instead of either partner having to hold their body up so that the sweet spot can be rubbed exactly and consistently the way it needs to be, this perfectly designed pillow gives both partners all the support they need for perfect penetration.  And that goes for anal play as well. 

 Whether it's a prostate rub an inch and a half in along the rectal wall or a 2 inch penetration for the G spot, you’re on track for solid, consistent stimulation with the Liberator Pillow.

 Durable, sturdy, made with the finest quality materials that are easily washed, this piece of sexual equipment offers support for any and all of your favorite positions, both hetero and gay.  With so many styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the one that suits your needs exactly.


 Excellent support when positioning yourself for a vaginal or blended orgasm.  In the traditional Missionary position, gravity wears him down so that he ends up thrusting fully into the vagina, which may be ok for reaching the cervix and impregnating her, but for the vaginal orgasm, it completely misses the mark.

So find your favorite design, elevate her hips to a supported exact angle, without strain or stress to hold the position.  And the guy, instead of having to hold her up, is able to concentrate of getting the head of the penis to rub the G Spot consistently. 

 That’s what it takes for a woman to have a vaginal orgasm—consistent rubbing against the G Spot with the head of the penis, not the shaft.

 When you use conventional pillows to hold you up, you sink in.  It shouldn’t be difficult!  Now, it’s not!

Once you’ve given yourself this perfect couple’s gift, you will reach heights of sexual pleasure that you never knew were possible, and all because you’re not working so hard to hit the right spots. 

 When you've got perfect support, you can focus on the fun.







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