The Satisfyer family of clitoral stimulators is one of the most amazing, incredible vibrators invented for a woman's pleasure.  The technology, with one single chamber and a large opening, enables a complete removal of any incoming liquids, lubricants or water from getting inside of it, and therefore is hygienic and safe.

Why 'revolutionary'?  In case you're in the minority of people who haven't come across the justified hype that accompanies this marvelous device, it is not a dildo or a vibrator.  Instead, it's very specifically a clitoral stimulator that uses pulsating air blasts that boasts to produce orgasms in as little as 60 seconds. 

Yes, you read that correctly--one minute to blast off!  Google that outrageous boast!  Go ahead!  Sexologists and the average woman are touting not just the mind-blowing orgasms reached by its users, but confirming the claim that yes, in just a minute or two, that ultimate pleasure and release can be achieved.


Once in a blue moon a product comes along that is truly revolutionary.  A game-changer, for the customers who use it.  It's been gaining in popularity since 2014, probably because of the word of mouth (or perhaps, moans of ecstasy) spreading like wildfire, the Satisfyer Pro 2 became the toy that seemingly came out of nowhere and now is in women's magazines and websites.

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