Howl with delight with the newest Sqweel wheel! The original model comes with 12 silicone tongues that rotate at a slow, medium or fast speed to increase pleasure, prolong foreplay, and give the exquisite stimulation women want.

Made with the woman’s clitoris in mind, the medical grade silicone material is incredibly soft. Position it for gentle, deliberate, and perfect stimulation of the clitoris or any other super sensitive areas. Or enjoy its light touch, as it takes you to your pleasure and back, numerous times.

Among self pleasure toys, there’s nothing else quite like it. Made in the UK, when first introduced it won Adult Toy of the Year! Thousands of women all over the world are giving it a spin and will prolong pleasure with its wonderful design and application.

The sensual massage is all the more delightful with three rotation speeds. It is the perfect combination of form and function for orgasm pleasure. The incredibly soft, sensual texture laps along, stroking the clitoral hood perfectly. Its a new kind of tongue for cunnilingus, except that it never tires, never complains, never withholds, and never disappoints.


You can’t go wrong with the sensual and exciting Sqweel. Make sure to use lots of water-based lubricant. A tiny drop dribbled directly onto the clitoral hood is all you need to take off and keep going!  Also excellent as a stimulator for all sensitive areas including his perineum, nipples--anywhere on the body that delights in LICKS!

Start the sensual awakening slowly on the clitoral hood. As it parts the labia, move it closer and closer to the clitoris for maximum pleasure. By the time it’s reached the pleasure center, you’ll be experiencing the most wonderful sensations as the intensity builds. This is modern technology at its finest.

The Tingle wheel is the softest of the newest attachments. Its squishy soft touch is guaranteed to make you shudder with every teasing and tingling lap of the orgasmic fronds.

Direct the lapping textures to your clitoris and labia. Work your way through the three speeds to peak again and again.


The Wave wheel is of medium firmness and features two deliciously soft outer waves and dozens of soft mini tongues to flicker and tease.

Ergonomically designed to slide along the labia, covering more sensual areas and increasing the blood flow. You’ll shudder with delight every time its soft and teasing waves of mini tongues caress your genitals as well as many other erogenous zones.

Direct the lapping waves to your labia and clitoris. Work this sensual product along the vaginal opening for exquisite pleasure. You’ll find it’s so easy to reach orgasm. Go again upon recovery with the confidence that the Sqweel is always ready and able to pleasure you.

The Pearl features the firmest texture of all three new attachments. A dozen raised bumps replicate the delicious sensation of pierced tongues.

The firmer feel makes it perfect for all over massage and sexual stimulation. Oral sex lovers who crave strong stimulation will benefit from the powerful and stimulating textured pearls.

And you thought oral sex stimulation had reached its peak!

Direct the pearls of pleasure to your clitoris.

Work your way through the three speeds until you reach orgasm.

It’s easy to change the attachments.   Slightly twist the side panel to open it and take the pink center out. Replace with any one of your Sqweeler wheels and clip the lid back on. Add a drop of your favorite lube and you're ready to squeal with delight.

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