Angelina Jolie and her Sexuality

Angelina Jolie and her sexuality are an exciting topic for conversation. Is it because she enjoys her sexuality without apology or embarrassment? A robust, sexy, uninhibited, free spirit with a thirst for life and and all it has to offer, she lives with no excuses and no regrets.

There's no doubt that Angelina Jolie and her sexuality plays by her own rules. Because of her public persona, we imagine that same individualist attitude spills over into her sexuality.

She never apologized for her risqué behavior during her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton. Is the free spirit she represents and the desire to live life according to her own standards the example of what we secretly yearn to be our own defining sexual nature?

We identify with the rich and famous who are living according to their own rules. Appreciating them, we are living vicariously through them.

Angelina Jolie and her sexuality swept Brad Pitt off his feet. She didn't force the attraction but allowed it to develop organically.

Without really trying, her powerful sexual persona attracted and seduced him. She didn’t aggressively pursue him, nor do I believe she would have, given he was married. As a self assured, intuitive woman she would naturally attract a similar temperament.

That Brad was already married didn’t matter. Once smitten, all reason and logic are lost. A whiff of Angelina’s pheromones, combined with her natural beauty and talent, the chemical attraction between them made the connection all the more irresistible.

It is emotionally difficult to end a relationship when your partner hasn't done anything wrong. But when natural pheromone attraction are beckoning their complement, the allure is so powerful as to override society’s expectations of proper decorum, manners, or civility.

Ms Jolie expresses her sexual nature in a powerful way, as an equal. In that equality is something of magnetic and magical that any man, like a moth to a flame, cannot resist.

When you’re used to being considered attractive and desirable, you’re used to getting lots of attention. She may not have been aware that he wanted her.

But when he expressed his interest, which later became his desire, there was no law, moral or legal, that could keep them apart.

Powerful and provocative, a challenge for the hunter type, Angelina Jolie and her sexuality are a heady perfume of looks, scent, talent and living life to the beat of her own drummer.

It makes sense that another free spirit would find her so attractive. That any man could so easily be seduced without realizing it is a credit to the power of pheromones and its potential for attraction. The world is her home. As an international personality with clout and influence to get things done, her choices are from an internal reference. The man she allows to bathe in her light can’t help but be enticed and drawn to her because of her choices. But he must realize that to stay with her, the choice will always be hers. - Find Love Now

When she was married to Billie Bob Thornton, you recognized her as someone who lived according to her own rules. Mr. Thornton, although definitely an acting talent, is not among the beautiful people.

Matching herself with him was a statement that she would indeed date anyone she desired, no matter what anyone else thought or how incongruous the relationship might be seen.

An intuitive actress, her sex appeal took her to a whole new level in her movies. Her raw emotions, very straight and committed attitude that she applies to whatever she is doing, earned for her the very first ever Citizen of the World Award.

Every encounter we have has a synergistic exchange to it. This synergism can be interpreted as powerful energy, within this woman of the world, especially in this most productive time in her life.

She follows her intuition, understands the world around her beyond what the press is selling, and makes choices to have her life and career according to her own standards of morality.

When Angelina Jolie and her sexuality are on display, whether in the tabloids, on the big screen, or in her own personal life, the image is of someone living life according to her own rules, standards and with her own intentions to make the world a better place, one decision at a time.

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