Bed Sheet Spray

The unmistakable allure of pheromones in Silky Sheets Bed Sheet Spray increases our libido through the use of pheromones. With its aromatic enticing scents, it beckons us to become intimate.

Each of its wonderful aromas are specially designed to create memories of romantic times in your life. Whether you enjoy the romantic floral scent of Plumeria, the fresh clean scent of Spring Rain, the well known aphrodisiac which is Vanilla or the refreshing scent of citrus, every formula has pheromones in it to keep passion alive.

Silky Sheets Bed Sheet Spray

Your home should be the place you can feel comfortable and relax. These wonderful scents give your environment a gentle fragrance that lasts all day.

For the mildest aroma, spray it on your sheets in the morning before fixing your bed. Its wonderful scent lasts all day but dissipates over time.

By the time you’re ready to retire to bed, the softness is still very active, but the scent has decreased greatly.

For the strongest irresistible aroma, use it just before going to bed--sheets, pillow cases, padded couches and chairs, anywhere you want increase softness and the enticing scent.

Careful though. Silky Sheets reduces friction. Spraying too much will keep you sliding, maybe a little further than you intended to go!

Its talcum powder reduces the friction as your body moves over the sheets.

Slide and glide across them into whatever positions feel good.

Enjoy the incredible, irresistible softness as you spread out on your bed linens.

The enticement is subtle, but definitely noticeable.

Terrific as a body spray to keep your skin soft, scented, and on hot sticky days, dry and comfortable.

The end result is so much more than what any liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets could ever do. Arouse sensual passion and pleasure through the sense of smell and touch.

Try one today.

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