Chocolate Body Paints

Chocolate Body Paints by Kama Sutra: for the connoisseur who enjoys sensual pleasure, luscious chocolate and combining the two

This delightful body topping was first introduced in a luscious milk chocolate.

Then came the Lovers' Paint Box with three complementary flavors of White, Milk and Dark.

Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac. But the chocolate that you spread on your lover's body has to be sugar free. Then, if you spread it on the penis and have intercourse afterwards, any residual chocolate won't disturb the vagina's pH balance.

As tempting as it is to use chocolate candy, kisses, or liquer, all of those are yeast infections just waiting to happen.

Use instead the products that are meant to be tasted off, that are spreadable, edible, and oh, so much fun!

Chocolate Singles

Two new flavor combinations have been added to further tempt and tantalize your taste buds; Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Raspberry. All flavors include a body paint brush.

With them you can create an oral & visual delight. You'll want to devour your creation. They'll enjoy your feast as much as you'll enjoy their roaming tongue.

This combination of flavors oozes sensuality.

Lovingly create a tasty masterpiece of designs with flavors and colors on your lover’s erogenous zones.

Invite your partner to taste, nibble and enjoy lapping up the living canvas.

You know you love it! Chocolate has long been considered an aphrodisiac. When you're going to use it on each other's body, use the kind that won't cause problems for her genitals rather than something out of your pantry. Sugar on female genitals can cause problems.

You get all the flavor with none of the worry.

Each one is yummy... and safe! Wonderful on all sensitive areas.

Take your time. Use your creative imagination!

This is adult fun at its best.

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