Fantasies and sensual massage for wife

by Carlos
(Houston, TX, USA)

You mentioned the best sensual massage you ever had was in Houston...I need to know where (including the lady's name) it was in Houston, to offer it to my wife. She and I have been married over 30 years, but both are still rather good looking. However, I think we need to spice our relationship, and I've been introducing her to very sexy fantasies (I'll detail them some other time if you wish me to; they involve other women and men...), which she loves a lot. But she's hesitant to open up further, even at the level of acknowledging her strong positive reaction to the fantasies (she likes them but doesn't externalize it with words...I naturally notice her positive reaction, but she still feels "guilty" about it). I want her to open up to a broader world of the senses, so I want her to have a 2-3 hour session with the right lady for a "coming out of her shell" massage, perhaps even in two sections (the second one could include tantric massage depending on the communication and chemistry between the 2 of them).

I will be glad to send you pics (even sexy ones -- artistic of course -- if you want, but first dressed) if you wanted me too.

I hope to hear from you soon. We live in Houston, TX. I truly look forward to hearing soon from you...


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