Furry Love Cuffs

Furry Love cuffs are steel surrounded by a faux fur. They’re a little less intense than hard core plain metal handcuffs.

Not quite as comfortable as cloth restraints, fur covered handcuffs are still considerably more comfortable and less hard core than their metal counterparts.

As pretty as they are, Furry Love Cuffs should never be used with anyone who you’re unsure of. They are fun, there’s no doubt, but only where there's a solid relationship based on trust.

Any adult toy restraint is best used within a relationship where there is trust, respect, and confidence in each others motives.

Without these elements of confidence, bondage can feel scary.

To increase the intensity of your fantasy, enjoy some naughty foreplay. Share it with someone you know well and trust implicitly.

Comes with 2 keys

The pleasure of fantasy should never be diminished in its importance for keeping our sexuality vibrant, fun, exciting and interesting.

If you’ve never tried fantasy and/or role playing, once you do, you’ll find it hard to resist the allure of creating characters from your experiences and imagination.

You’ll see how your sensuality is incorporated into your sex play, making it an integral part of the whole.

Sex should never be predictable. It should include what both recipients need and want. It does not always end in ejaculation. Sometimes the journey is better than the destination.

When fantasy play is at its best, it is enough to get the juices flowing, the erection up and the imagination going.

Metal hand cuffs are hard core for the hard core S&M connoisseurs. They should be used with caution and respect.

They are not a tool for the faint of heart, and should never be used with a stranger, because ‘safe sex’ doesn’t just mean protecting yourself against disease.

It means knowing what the relationship is about, and enjoying it within the confines of that understanding.

Each set includes an extra set of keys, just in case

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