Greek Sexuality

Although Greek sexuality is still linked with homosexuality because of the alliances Spartans soldiers made centuries ago, it has little to do with homosexuality today.

In fact, if you want some of the best heterosexual sex in all of Europe, Greece is the country to visit.

According to a recent survey in 2008 by a major condom manufacturer, Greeks make love more often each month than any other country in the world.

That’s easy to understand. Their perfect diet, wonderful warm weather, physically good looking people and access to some of the most picturesque beaches in the world are all conducive to making the most of their sexuality.

Their attitude of doing things tomorrow, especially when it comes to chores, work, or the drudgery of life, leaves them time for the most important things, like making love and enjoying life.

Greeks, by their very nature, are some of the most ardent, passionate, lusty lovers in the world. Greek sexuality, for many, is based on the pride the men have in themselves and in their ability to be great lovers, a reputation they’ve earned within the European community.

It begins in their youth, where sexual practice makes perfect. It is not unusual for well-to-do fathers to take their teenage sons to prostitutes at the beginning of their sex lives.

With professional instruction, they learn not only how to have sex without virgin jitters which can cause premature ejaculation and embarrassment, but to be a satisfying lover as well.

Prostitutes, not obliged to spare their feelings, will give an accurate appraisal of the young man’s strong and weak points, helping him establish good habits for self control early in their sex lives.

Premature ejaculation is not a problem in Greek sexuality the way it is in the United States where statistics report that easily fifty percent of men suffer from the condition.

By normalizing the need for sex, its pleasure and power, it is begun on a foundation of control and personal responsibility.

Greece still remains a patriarchal society. So their women do no have the same options as their men when it comes to learning about sex. A woman’s reputation is still very important when it comes to her social standing. So the women are still very discreet and exceedingly particular when it comes to bedding a fellow.

When they’ve chosen one for premarital sex, he has to be the right fellow. He's probably the one they think is the one they'll marry. They can not afford to be careless in their sexual trysts. Unlike their men, when it comes to practicing their sexuality, they are practically methodical.

It wasn’t too long ago when the only women Greek men had premarital sex with were the tourists who travelled through their country looking for adventure, fun and a European diet of sexual pleasure.

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