Non Piercing Clitoral Jewelry

Non Piercing Clitoral Jewelry sensitizes the Labia Majora by holding the blood in them. After slipping the bobby shaped tool down around the lips, the pressure builds and the lips get fuller and more sensitive.

Because of the increased blood being trapped in them, the sensitivity and pressure within them increases so every stroke, no matter how gentle, is all the more intense.

The Labia Majora are the larger, fuller lips that surround the vagina. The more sensitive of the two sets are the hairless lips closer to the vaginal opening, the Labia Minora.

During arousal, blood flow increases inside both sets of lips, building sexual excitement. With the non-piercing clitoral jewelry you're able to keep the blood from flowing out, so any strokes or kisses will feel more pleasurably intense.

When excitement builds to a critical point, additional strokes, licks and kisses that are integral to cunnilingus make that area even more excited.


To make it even more of a pleasure, keep the area highly sensitized with non-piercing clitoral jewelry.

Make sure the Clitoral Jewelry have been expanded before sliding them onto the delicate lips. After stimulating the area in the lips and increasing the blood flow, gently slide the bobby pin shaped jewelry down the excited, lubricated labia, starting at the clitoris and around the outer lips.

After a moment or two, the jewelry starts to resume its closed shape, trapping the rushing blood and increasing their sensitivity tremendously.

This is an exquisite sensation for a secondary erogenous zone, the Labia Majora. Non-piercing Clitoral Jewelry adds a completely new level of intense sensation that includes sensuality with sexual pleasure.

Not for the sexually timid, but for the sexually adventurous, they are intense sensitivity like never before and orgasmic pleasure to enjoy again and again.

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