Pleasure Balm

Pleasure Balm is a minty tasting gel that has a cooling numbing effect on different parts of the body. Its origin as a desensitizing agent comes from the Kama Sutra text, where peppermint and spearmint leaves were combined to produce an unguent that could help a man gain control over his ejaculation to maintain his erection longer.


Over the centuries, peppermint and spearmint combinations have been found to be extremely effective as a numbing agent for tension and sinus headaches as well. Just rub a small amount into the area that is causing you pain and within five minutes, the pain is gone.

This combination of natural numbing agents is terrific for relieving the discomfort of teething children and as temporary relief on the adult toothache. Put the pain on hold. Use it as an anesthetic for tweezing eyebrows. Rub it into a mosquito bite to relieve the itch, as well.

Recently, because of the problem of premature ejaculation, especially in these United States where 50% of men suffer from this lack of control, Pleasure Balm has claimed its fame. It can actually be used to help men re-learn the habit of orgasm and prevent premature ejaculation.

To improve one’s sensuality and the quality of one's sexuality, the man needs control over his orgasm. To assist in that, the directions are simple and to the point, but non-negotiable.

First, make sure he’s already erect. Second, place about an eighth of a teaspoon on the head of the penis only, rub in well, and unless you’re using a condom, wait at least two minutes before intercourse.

Rub the gel well into the penis head using a Q-tip to measure out the perfect amount. Avoid using your fingertips as the bacteria from them will contaminate the rest of the product.

The small amount on the Q-tip head will numb him slightly so he won't get too excited, too quickly. Each time he uses this mild desensitizer, he can sense where his control is. With improved control comes a greater level of satisfaction. Eventually he'll be able to control his sexual response without any help.

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