Pleasure Mitt

With the Pleasure Mitt massage has never been so easy to give. A soothing, circular motion, coupled with a quality massage oil means no kneading, squeezing or great effort is required. Massage is a healthful and nurturing act. But if you don’t know how to give a proper massage, or don’t have the strength required to get deep into the muscles, sometimes it can be frustrating just trying. Massage is also an integral part of our sensuality in making our sexuality into a loving relationship. When we can help each other relax, feel good, and show them by our touch that we love them, it helps solidify the bonds between us.

Pleasure Mitt

Not everyone can pursue schooling in the art of massage. That’s where a using this wonderful massage Mitt works as an exceptional tool. With very little knowledge or skill, you can give a terrific, relaxing, healing massage with circular motions and a simple flipping of your hand.

When using this sensual tool always use a quality massage oil so your hand will glide while reducing uncomfortable friction. For deeper penetration into the muscles, you may opt to include vibration by strategically placing a simple Love Bullet inside the glove on your palm.

Place your hand inside without sticking your thumbs in its side holes. Make small, circular motions on any body part. Without strong pressure or exertion, the short nubs move the muscles gently and penetrate deeply to help them relax.

Alternately flip your hand over so the back of your hand is facing the body and continue the circular motions with the long nubs facing down. These will create a soothing caress. Between the two sensations of deep penetration and soothing caress, you can invigorate and stimulate every area of the skin.

Or for a completely different experience, bring it into the bath and use with Mint Tree Cleansing Gel.
while giving yourself an all over stimulating and exfoliating scrub in the tub.

Alternate between its two sides to gently stroke the body from top to bottom for a magical treat of relaxation. So easy, no special training is required to achieve a thoroughly relaxing massage.

Become a master massager with this simple, yet undisputed sensuous tool.

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