Sensual Awakening

Any sensual awakening begins when you put aside worry. As a means of overcoming sexual performance anxiety, consider incorporating sexual creativity, and share the idea with your partner.

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You cannot force your body to comply with your physical and emotional needs when your sexual foundation is based on anxiety. By trying to force an orgasm, you’re creating an adversarial situation between your mind and body.

Between the mind and body there has to be balance and cooperation. Good nutrition and enough rest and relaxation are what your body needs. If you’re not taking care of your health, you can’t expect healthy cooperation. The body always reacts honestly.

Overcoming sexual performance anxiety can happen through a gradual process of experimentation and learning from your errors. The solution is simple--re-learn your habit to orgasm. The Squeeze Technique is a proven method to learn control and gain confidence. It takes about a week to master, but the results last a lifetime.

There are also many modern topical solutions, such as Kama Sutra's Pleasure Balm, to help slow up arousal. Knowing these techniques, any man can learn how to work with his body rather than fighting against it for control.

Wanting control is not enough. You must experience the difference between a controlled orgasm and a rushed one to make a preferential choice.

Re-learning how to masturbate to orgasm as the joy it is rather than something shameful to ‘get over with’, is the key to experiencing a sexual awakening.

The difference between a quickie orgasm and one that takes an hour to build is phenomenal. Guys who routinely ejaculate prematurely are unknowingly slaves to this bad habit.

We can learn to be in the moment. We can have confidence in our abilities based on honest information and increased sensitivity.

Prepared mentally, the mind can influence the body to be in sync to enjoy our sexuality as one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Without worry, a awakening is possible.

It will have become a right of passage into our true selves as lovers of life and love-making.

Honest communication is the only way to know what’s expected and needed from you.

You'll have to grow as a lover, but once you understand your role, your sensual awakening can flow.

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