Sensual Bedroom

A sensual bedroom is a safe haven where weary bodies relax, rejuvenate, and if so inspired, take flights of fancy into heights of physical and mental stimulation for pleasure’s sake. Once satisfied, it is the perfect atmosphere for heading off to dreamland.

The right mattress makes all the difference in having a restful sleep and encouraging amore. It is the focal point of the room.

On it couples enjoy comfort, pleasure, and penetration in all its varied forms.

Although spring mattresses have been the most popular, today air, water, and even Tempurpedic foam are viable alternatives to make sex in the sensual bedroom an exquisite affair.

Whichever mattress you choose, it’s a good idea to have a plush chair handy as well. For the more adventuous, specifically designed pillows by Liberator make different positions possible without stress or strain. Eden Fantasys stocks the Liberator pillow.

If you can imagine it, love-making can take place in, on and around the bed, chair, or on one of these ingenuous pillows. Whether it is used for support or as a mainstay for coitus, their presence is sheer inspiration.

It is never more obvious than in a bedroom how color affects and influences our mental state. To unwind and relax, the room’s colors should never be too bright. Every aspect of the bedroom should seduce you to let your hair down.

Decorated with sensual fabrics and relaxing hues, it is a sanctuary for contemplation, communion of spirits, and answering the needs of the mind, body and soul.

Make it the most inviting room in the home with freshly laundered 400 count sheets, lightly scented and softened with bed sheet spray that hints of pheromones--whatever aroma puts you in a calm and receptive mood.

Whether you add a provocative allure to the atmosphere or just leave behind the enticing human pheromone scent lingering on the satin or silk sheets.

Once the nostrils flair, drawing in the magic the environment, it takes on a life of its own and you are the characters in its center stage.

A sensual bedroom has the best of all possibilities. Its colors are muted, soft, dreamy, giving it an atmosphere of relaxation.

Leave the electronic equipment with its bleeping or blinking in the background. Use the soft glow of candles, flickering gently to cast a romantic, sensual light on even the most commonplace items.  

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