Sensual Clothing

Sensual clothing has tactile and visual appeal. That is its erotic potential. Its declaration of sensual and sexual femininity bears a bold attitude of invitation. Seduction, indeed, may occasionally be the goal, but for many sensual babes, lingerie is part of her personal sensual mystique.

Women who feel silly wearing lingerie are not comfortable with their desire to be sexual. Declaring desire is out of the question.

They haven’t embraced the idea that females are sensual, sexual creatures by nature.

So for them, wearing romance lingerie, especially under marital obligation to prolong pleasure, makes them feel alienated and silly.

Countless women dismiss sensual apparel as unnecessary when it comes to seduction. They say, “why bother?” When they tried wearing it, it either got ripped off too quickly and torn or worse yet, he commented that it’s “very nice” and then told her to remove it.

These men see lingerie as an obstacle to touching the breasts and vagina directly. They have yet to learn how prolonging pleasure is a very important element to seduction.

Anticipation is the psychological key to female pleasure.

Undressing her slowly and breathing on every body curve as the clothing falls off builds excitement like wildfire, adding thrill to imaginative foreplay.

For those women who are extremely insecure about the shape of their bodies, they reject exploring the fantasy part of their sexuality.

Whether you see yourself as body beautiful, average, or full-figured-- beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

You may very well look at yourself with a critical eye.

But when your lover sees his love wearing something erotic and fetching, he sees just the invitation to come and enjoy the party.

A person who wants to make love with you isn’t seeing with the same critical eye. Peeling back layers, revealing skin, and gently kissing all over are the physical pleasures to sensual lingerie.

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