Sensual Greetings

Remind me that I'm desirable with sensual greetings. Whether from a husband or a lover, romantic sentiments are always appreciated.

Exclusive relationships, with all the responsibilities they entail can be a real drag on the romantic relationship. The written word, strategically delivered, is a breath of fresh air for the weary soul.

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Gone are the days of serenades beneath my balcony window. No longer would young men try to woo me.

Married, a sentence that I had walked into with eyes wide open, believing the fairy tales of ‘happily ever after’. Unless you work to create you own fairy tale, the romance is soon buried under bills, diapers, and dirty dishes.

Although I know my husband loves me, he rarely expresses it in anything written, let alone sensual greetings.

Those days are long gone. He used to write songs for me, expressing his love, his longing, his ardent desire to have me as his one and only. I felt special. I felt that if I wasn’t part of his life, his life would be unfulfilled.

Now that I am his one and only, the only time I get any romantic attention is after the dinner is cooked, the dishes are washed, the left-overs are put away. Soon after comes the ‘wink and the nod’ my signal that sex is imminent. The alcohol comes out. Liquored up, anyone looks good and foreplay is just a suggestion, not a necessary prelude to making love.

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He used to call me ‘precious’. I don’t hear that much anymore. Now I hear how things are going his job, how much money he’s not making, how he’s not appreciated at work, how he needs more.

He used to write songs for me and play the guitar to woo me. Now all I get was a ‘wink and a nod’ to let me know that his sexual horns are exploding and that sexual desire is the air and in his pants.

All romance ended as soon as I said “I’ do”. What happens to sensual greetings when you get married? Is it because they don’t have to try anymore? The catch has been landed.

He doesn’t have to try to keep me excited or happy. He just has to pay the bills, maintain my car, and remember my birthday with nice gifts and a sweet card.

An intimate love note would be nice once in a while. I need to hear that I am still desired, still beautiful, still the love of his life. I exercise, eat healthy foods, take care of myself. I can’t help it if I’m middle aged and not as spry as I used to be. I’m still firm. I take care of my temple for God’s sake. I’m attractive.

Sensual greetings would be a welcome notice that he still wants me, and that I am still desired. It would let me know that no matter what other obstacles fill our days, no matter what responsibilities we had to hurdle, that our hearts and minds are still focused on the relationship that matters most –our marriage.

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