Sensual Movies

When sensual movies first made their debut, sex was presented as something dirty, sordid, and imbalanced.

Well, they've come a long way (no pun intended). Today they are a great way to learn some fantastic sexual techniques.

Caribbean Heat

Afro-Dite Superstar
Under The Covers

Before DVD players, the only way to view sensual movies was only in seedy movie houses. Now, invite your lover to share in the fun at home, while exciting your mind and learning new techniques.

Pornography of yesteryear showed women tortured by their lust and for wanting sex. Needing to explore their nymphomaniac tendencies, they would pursue countless sexual liaisons to satisfy their desperation. No more. Women are beginning to own their sexual pleasure and are pursuing it with gusto.

Fortunately, today’s sensual movies have taken a distinct turn away from the ludicrous to the sublime. Thanks to Candida Royalle and her female staff of writers, sex is presented as something women want because they expect sexual satisfaction.

Today's sensual movies recognize that women are orgasmic creatures, with literally hundreds of erogenous zones.

With the right approach, techniques and imagination, women expect sexual satisfaction and lots of foreplay.

The stories are plausible and imaginative fun. Exciting in their build up and technique, they give an accurate portrayal of people getting excited in real time. No one is rushed in her scenes.

This is pornography at its finest, an evolved vision of what erotic art can be. Watching her movies is like taking a class to learn sexual techniques.

Unlike the pornography of yesteryear, women are no longer expected to get hot and bothered in record time. They are actually given a chance to become aroused.

These stories find women becoming aware of their sexual voice and taking sexual techniques to a higher level. They’re treating sexual pleasure as the woman's right, ability, and need, to be satisfied as well as the man's.

When erotic films were first produced, women were portrayed as second class citizens, so desperate for sex, they’d pay a plumber with fellatio. Or so alienated from their sensuality that they’d use their huge tits to suffocate a man to death, using sex as a weapon.

These male oriented fantasies may have served men’s ideas of stimulating visuals, but usually left women uninspired, scratching their heads, looking at the guys and asking "Are you kidding"?

Indeed, if a man wants his female lover to watch and get excited by pornography, they need to understand that the story is the key to arousal for women in sensual movies.

Because the sexual situations were so preposterous, they were usually hilarious. Instead of exciting their audience with frontal nudity and carnal lust, they were alienating their female audience.

For sensual movies to interest the women, the story has to be plausible, and if a fantasy, should play itself out with relatable characters. It would also be nice if the ‘stars’ had real bodies instead of artificially manufactured ones, but that’s another topic.

Bridal Shower

Eyes of Desire Part 1
Eyes of Desire Part 2


My Surrender

One Size Fits All


Rites of Passion

Sensual Escape

Stud Hunters

A Taste of Ambrosia

The Gift

Three Daughters

Urban Heat

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