Sensual Risque Lingerie

When it comes to sensual risque lingerie, nothing more comely, more enticing, or more provocative, especially when it is worn by a woman who appreciates her feminine curves and wants to use them to inspire her partner’s passion.

What makes lingerie risqué, per se, is that it inspires sexual imaginaation and desire. It is not the clothing a woman wears when she wants to go to sleep, to work, or to church.

She wears it when she wants to seduce, to use her feminine wiles to make a statement about her femininity, her desirability, and her ability to play sexually, all while using her feminine charms to tempt the visually inspired and excitable male.

Sensual risque lingerie ignites the sexual imagination, builds anticipation and literally gets her juices flowing; just putting it on begins a surge of sexual expectancy in her subconscious that gets the blood flowing into her genitals, while exciting her mind with sexual possibilities.

Obviously, we’re not describing the functional bra and panty that every woman wears, but the fun stuff that highlights her femininity and encourages her to be sexually playful.

Among the original pieces of sensual risque lingerie is the French Bra, later inspiring the invention of the nipple free bra and the garter belt.

The French bra, also known as a shelf bra, holds up the breasts while leaving them exposed, keeping them curvy while accentuating their roundness and her cleavage. Under a shirt, the look is natural, full, round, sexual and very inviting.

The underwire and shelf give support and direction to the breasts when Mother Nature leaves us wanting. And because there is no top to this bra, nothing to cover her nipples, her breasts look naked, natural.

Jutting out further than they would without a bra, they practically beckon the viewer to touch, look, fondle, and worship them for their softness and beauty.

With the French Bra, breasts are inviting, tempting, begging to be caressed, enjoyed, held and stimulated.

Another notorious piece of lingerie is the garter belt. Although it started as functional, it got the reputation of risqué when it was replaced by pantyhose.

Unhook it with one hand and you’re considered an accomplished Renaissance lover. Wear it correctly, and it lends itself to fantasy that doesn’t have to come off at all during love play.

If you want to look like your grandma when your clothes come off, wear pantyhose. If you want to look like a sizzling, sexy mama, try wearing a garter belt. It makes a real statement about you as a sultry woman who isn’t afraid to be sexy.

Don’t be afraid of wearing a garter belt. All it says about you today is that you’re too smart to fall into the pantyhose trap of expensive functionality.

Although only ‘bad girls’ wore them in the seventies, smart women are wearing them today. These smart women know that this piece of sensual risque lingerie is also sexy, safe, and better to wear because you get so much more bang for your buck.

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