Silicone Pleasure

I finally understand the wonder and appeal of silicone pleasure, especially when it comes to marital aids.  I held out from buying a silicone toy because I just didn’t believe that they could be that much better than the other materials.  After all, I’ve experienced Cyberskin, and that was absolutely FABULOUS!  It's true Cyberskin is a hassle to clean and care for, but it feels incredibly real!   And that's what makes it so incredibly effective.

So finally, I decided that despite the higher price tag,  I would try a few silicone vibrators;  Along with the higher grade material, I found they have so many advantages over the other models.  That higher price reflects all those options and benefits.  So now, 3 top of the line silicone vibrators are in my pleasure chest and I’ve had a chance to do my own research with them, I fully understand their appeal.


First of all, silicone pleasure is so silky soft to the touch, it mimics the softness of baby skin.  Soon after it comes in contact with your softest, sacred and most sensitive areas, it warms up to your body’s temperature so it feels incredibly real to increase pleasure. 


Would you like your silicone pleasure to last a lifetime??  Never use silicone toys with silicone lubricant.  That would destroy the material almost immediately. Always use a water based lubricant to get the most comfortable penetration as you journey to your most sensitive areas. 



Inmi Roto 10x Rotating Silicone Vibrator Pink 8 Inch 

The Roto can easily become one of the most satisfying, silicone vibrators you will ever experience!  6.5” of insertable length, with a 2” diameter at the widest point at the base, this incredibly realistic dong will take you on a roller coaster ride of thrills. 

 Experience 3 speeds of vibration against your clit with the tickler pad and deep inside you with the buzzing head.

Rotating beads within the shaft will circulate in 7 rhythmic modes. The veins moving within you will have you squirming in delight!

The phthalate-free material is non-porous and body-safe.

Use it for an intense masturbation experience or let your lover take hold of the Roto and guide its impressive size and skill into you!

This ultra-textured silicone vibe provides simultaneous internal and external pleasure, vibrating and rotating within you.

 The Roto is splashproof;  cleans and sanitizes easily with Mighty Tidy and water.

Not for use with silicone lube. 


Inmi Love Stick 13x Bendable Silicone Rechargeable Vibe Waterproof Pink 6.75 Inch

Enjoy a customized masturbation experience, with this unique bendable vibrator! The Love Stick is designed to pleasure you in a multitude of ways, with 13 powerful vibrations speeds, patterns, and pulsations.

Better yet, this innovative solo or couples toy can be bent and twisted to a variety of shapes for clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration, or both!

A raised bump at the end provides pin-pointed ecstasy wherever it touches. The Love Stick is made of premium silicone that is waterproof and non-porous for an easy cleaning experience.

A magnetic charger provides incredible power to this exciting new pleasure tool. 

Never use silicone lubricant with any Silicone vibrator.

Length: 6.5" 
Width: 1"

12 Intense Functions of Vibration, Pulsation and Escalation

Pressure Sensitive Progressive Speeds

Auto Lock for Function & Speed

Luxurious Body Safe Silicone



3" x 1.5" (insertable)

Complete Charge in 2 hours; Massager will run on High for 1 hour or 1.5 hours on Low Speed

Rechargeable; never needs batteries!


Today’s silicone pleasure toys are made with medical grade silicone so they’ll repel germs, keep their super soft touch, and warm up very quickly.  Using a silicone vibrator will always be a pleasure that you can enjoy any day, any time.  Never complicated; just available.  Adult toys have always been incredible tools for arousal.  Now, its seamless design can caress body curves from the nape of the neck, down to the center, around the nipples and up against the perineum.  Your worth it-Indulge.

 How good, you ask?  Imagine the softest feathery teasing your aura with just enough vibration to raise it to a fever pitch.  One stroke, perfectly and sweetly placed, is enough to bring on the multiples, one after another after another.  Are you up for this kind of pleasure, this kind of sensation and power; the multiple and intermittent kinds of speeds that it can generate internally and externally?        

 Experience super sensations at your fingertips with a charge that lasts a full week.  No batteries needed, ever.  You deserve it.  Life is too short.  Don’t waste another minute waiting for your pleasure.  Treat yourself to a little bit of heaven.  You’ll never regret it. 



Take a walk on the wild side with this MIND-BLOWING 3 point stimulator!  The Center shaft tip rotates and massages your G-Spot with powerful gyrations while rotating beads stimulate your every internal inch. 

The Clitoral stimulator's bullet makes its bunny ears buzz and a second bullet powers the super slim anal bead shaft that tickles gently or slips inside for spine-tingling excitement!  Enjoy this waterproof toy in the bath or shower.

Rotating G-Spot tip and rotating beads in Center Shaft

10" total length, 1.5" wide

5" insertable length center shaft with 2 separate vibrating motors in bunny and beads

4" insertable anal shaft with flexible graduated anal beads

7 vibration functions and speeds; Waterproof

Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)


How it feels 
Material: Silicone 
Flexibility: Flexible 
Waterproof: No 
Does not contain latex 
Does not contain phthalates 
Power and speed 
Controller: Built in - push button 
Power: Batteries (not included) 
Requires: 2 x AAA batteries

Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator Black

The world's best oral sex simulator for women just got even better! Sqweel 2 features a wheel with 10 lapping silicone tongues, 3 powerful speeds, 30% more power and a new reversible mode and flicker function for incredible orgasms every time.

If you liked the original Sqweel you're going to love love LOVE Sqweel 2. This upgraded oral sex simulator features all-new functions, a compact and slick case and a 10 tongue wheel made from the smoothest of silicone.

Taking everything that's great about the Sqweel and making it even better, the Sqweel 2 is a whole new revolution in sex toys. Featuring 3 scintillating speeds of rotation that transforms the tongued wheel into a lapping machine, it offers an experience closer to cunnilingus than any other sex toy.

Sqweel 2 also features a reverse function, allowing you to send the wheel spinning in the opposite direction and a flicker setting that rocks the wheel back and forth. These added settings help to further enhance the better-than-real oral sex simulation, escalating your pleasure beyond the original Sqweel's capabilities.

Housed inside its own easy-care case, the Sqweel 2 is easy-to-clean, store and protect. Simply remove the wheel to clean with warm water and Mighty Tidy sex toy  cleaner and leave to dry naturally before placing it back in its case until your next round of pleasure.

Compatible with the original Sqweel and Sqweeler wheels for versatile stimulation and play.

Team with your favourite water-based lubricant to maximize your pleasure. 

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