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Your Pleasure Inc.

Originally a pleasure party company dedicated to sensual, sexual enjoyment.

Now a comprehensive web site dedicated to all manner of pleasure – Physical, Psychological and yes, even Spiritual. Practical tips, tools and techniques to experience joy in as many ways as possible

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 The Your Pleasure ShopAphrodisiacs, Adult toys, tools, novelties, pheromone fragrances

All for the Renaissance Lover who seeks pleasure in its many varied forms

The Your Pleasure Blog Radio where pleasure in its many forms is presented for guestto learn about all levels of enjoyment

Starting June 24, 2020, Copy & Paste this address every Wednesday Night @ 8 p.m. EST

for tips, techniques, toys and tools from an Expert, Intimacy Sensuality Consultant

How satisfaction can be derived Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

 Sexual Astrology – Male and Female Sensual needs for each Sun sign

 Sensual Massage Lessons – from Head to Toes

 Sex & SexualityGrow in your understanding; we are sexual beings

Tier 2 - Sensuality – The Art of Sexual Relations.

Pleasure – in all things, from as many different perspectives as possible.

Enhance your pleasure potential.

Allow us to be your guide

Read our Pages, Ask Questions, Add helpful Insights

Contact Us.

I’d love to hear from you.

This is the forum where Sensuality, Sexuality, Pleasure and Advice

At Your Pleasure we celebrate Pleasure!

With Care, Knowledge, Responsibiilty and Compassionn, we explore the innate beauty and joy that we are all capable of. (Better than any pill and 100X healthier!)

Visit us often. Read our pages with an open mind.

Pleasure is your birthright!

Sensuality Sexuality Pleasure Advice is here to help.

This site is dedicated to your pleasure!

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