Animal Magnetism
Our Sexual Energy at work

The original definition of Animal magnetism, also known as mesmerism, was the name given by German doctor Franz Mesmer in the 18th century to what he believed to be an invisible natural force possessed by all living things, including humans, animals, and vegetables.  Today the definition has taken on new meaning; specifically the undeniable and unexplainable attraction between two people.

Animal magnetism is inspired by many influences, seen and unseen.  The most obvious is the pheromone scent.  Scent is a natural pleasure, a seductive and sensual attractant.  If he smells good, his DNA is letting her know (subconsiously) that his DNA is a complement to her DNA in the process of making healthy children.  Although many humans don’t always heed this sexual magnetism, none-the-less, it is an innate ability in helping us find a complementary partner, it is a viable component to the attraction between some and not others. 

Women's animal magnetism peaks once a month mid-cycle of her menstrual cycle, when her pheromones are at their strongest.  This is the only time of month that the female body can get impregnated, so her pheromones are strongest.  Men are naturally attracted to a woman who is ovulating and putting out the strongest natural pheromone scent. 

Animal Magnetism is also determined by intelligence, focus, the ability to make things happen through intention and self confidence grounded in an innate knowing.  It is beyond muscular composition or physical mobility.  It is personal sexual attractiveness, raw charisma, being in the moment, focused, able to connect with the earth’s sexual energy, to the universe’s love energy, and to incorporate it into a way of being on this planet.  Fears and insecurities block a person’s energy field.  People are attracted to its intangible sexual quality of attractiveness that comes through presence, scent, physical appearance and quality of voice.

Animal magnetism is a passive and constant flow of energy. Unlike the law of attraction which is about consciously and actively attracting something specific, animal magnetism is chaotic, persistent, passive and unpredictable. It is a constant sexual presence that makes people feel good, that attracts women and that heals.

Your energy is grounded up to Universal love energy and down to the Earth's sexual energy which are the two fundamental energies of human existence. You find love and sexual energies from within you through these groundings. The energy then shines around you creating a bright aura making people around you feel good. This gives you a charismatic and magnetic presence as people like being around you and want to spend more time around you, especially the opposite gender. It is the natural synergistic energy exchange that happens between us if we are in the natural flow of human existence.

When a person of the opposite gender feels your energy, your emotional authenticity and positive feelings are transferred to that person who then starts feeling good and whose sexuality starts to blossom. This creates a genuine sexual attraction that goes beyond reason and the rational mind has limited power over nature. This also creates instant emotional intimacy and chemistry. 

In terms of sexual attraction, you can view animal magnetism as a magnet. The stronger the magnet, the more it attracts magnets of opposite polarity. The more magnetized and authentic opposite polarities are, will be the most attracivee and will create the strongest chemistry.


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