Capricorn Sexuality

Male Capricorn

Capricorn sexuality is very complex. The soul’s age in Capricorn is between 63 and 70, the age of retiring. This is a period marked by pulling back, an antidote to living large in earlier years. It is a time to get back to those bare bones.

All his life, Capricorn sexuality embodies this spirit of completion, attending to his goals with unparallelled relaxedness—this is one of his most charming qualities.

The eternal retiree, the Cap man is always open to spontaneous plans or sudden whims, although sometimes a little tight-fisted about spending money.

Rarely attracted to domineering women, he goes for the shy, retiring types; wall-flowers or would-be spinsters in whom he hopes to find protection, undivided devotion or outright servility.

In this way, the shy, dowdy, and devotional heiress could easily become Capricorn male’s most compatible mate.

His signature dashing good looks and impeccable charm guarantee him a secure spot in his partner’s heart, despite his eternal detachment.

In relationships, he looks for a safe haven. Then he pours on the charm, and puts all his energy into sweeping her off her feet.

Sometimes he goes for ‘broken in’ girls with a track record, who seem much more authentic and real to him than the bright and shiny demeanor of debutantes.

Either way, Cap is attracted to absolutes: innocents or women who make no bones about having been around the block.

Bottom line, his infamous picky-choosy persona is of one who holds out for quality of experience rather than quantity of experience, in professional endeavors, social mingling, or in his pursuit of romantic relationships.

Because he’s such a traditionalist, he wants someone who can play two roles—one with the appearance of propriety for all of his business and social engagements., the other a woman who is willing to let his sexual appetite have full reign.

The woman on his arm has to be the picture of respectability. She’ll be wearing dark hues, conservative clothes, mostly black, his favorite color.

He likes anal sex. Yes, Capricorn sexuality is full of surprises.  If she wants him to be faithful, she has to be a lady in the living room and a kinky, up-for-anything wild woman in the bedroom.

Her looks are not as important as her demeanor. She has to be respectful of his position as head of the household.

Though he’d probably never admit it, what he wants from a woman is someone to pick up, rather than look after him.

Perhaps because he’s so controlled and reserved, he’s looking to experience intense sensations. You may know he likes to take control, that he may show passion far easier than other deeper held emotions.

He’ll have to be honest about his bawdier, baser inclinations and indulge in them with his like-minded mate if he is going to experience true affection as it bubbles up from the quagmire of their mutual lust.

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