Erogenous Zones
Penis, Scrotum, Perineum

Erogenous zones are those special areas of the body that, when discovered and stimulated properly, make sexual foreplay so exciting, enticing, and fun. The sensory input connected with the nerves is what makes them so special. The whole groin area is an erogenous zone, but some areas are more sensitive than others.

The one that every man can attest to its sensitivity is the penis. Easily excited, it has many parts, some of which designed for giving and receiving pleasure.

Another part of the male pubic area which is highly sensitive is the scrotum. For many, extremely sensitive to hot and cold, this little barometric sack lets its owner know if all systems are go for ejaculation or if there are problems behind the scenes. The scrotum holds the testicles. It’s a very sensitive and delicate part of any man's body.

Applying too much pressure to the testicles will cause pain, but it still remains a highly erotic area. The testicles need to be against the body so the penis can ejaculate. One trick to delay orgasm is to put a cock ring or strap at the top of the scrotum so the testicles can’t get the body heat they need for ejaculate. This little trick should only be used for 10 minutes--anymore than that could become uncomfortable.

A little further is the perineum, an area that has a lot of nerve endings and can be very sensitive. This flat piece of skin between the testicles and the anus has a seam running through it that divides the body in half. Flicked, stroked lightly, or licked will indirectly stimulate the prostate above it.

Try massaging and fondling the perineum just before he has his orgasm. This stroking will heighten his pleasure greatly.

The glans, aka the head of the penis is the most sensitive area a man has. It is the place which will always bring massive pleasure, if targeted correctly.

Obviously the most sensitive part of his body, you need to go carefully, communicate effectively with him and see what kind of touch he likes best.

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