Erogenous Zones
G-Spot, P-Spot, Clitoris, Vulva

Erogenous zones are the little gifts on our body that make sex worth having. They are the pleasure spots that keep sensual and sexual activity exciting and fun. If the only sexually stimulated areas were the genitals, sex would become very dull, indeed.

Some of the more well known hot spots on the woman’s body are the pubic area, also known and the Venus Mons, her vulva and her clitoris.

These areas get a lot of attention during foreplay because they are part of the main event. Stimulate them and the vagina will lubricate, making it easier for the male to penetrate her.

But along with the obvious outer erogenous zones, there is another area known as the G-spot which is a bit controversial among sex educators.

But as a woman who has discovered hers, I can tell you unequivocally that it does exist and is responsible for multiple orgasms and female ejaculate.

It is located 1 ½ inches up on the front center wall of the vagina. Rubbing the G-spot requires stronger, deeper more consistent stimulation. Its design is perfect for stroking the G spot so as to cause it to swell and protrude from the vaginal wall. Lovers who have discovered this hot spot of hot spots truly understand what a gift human sexuality is.

If that stimulation is being created by a man’s penis, it is the head of the penis, not its shaft, that should rub the G-Spot. If the stimulation is with a vibrator, hard plastic toys are usually strong enough.

Make it your business to find yours. Learn what toys or techniques it takes to stimulate yours properly so that you can have the most explosive, dynamic, intense, fantastic multiple orgasms that your body is capable of. Naturally.

Men don’t have a G-spot but their area for multiple orgasm is the prostate. Both the G-spot and the prostate are located in the same area of the body, both produce the same chemical fluid. His is used to help carry sperm out of the body. Hers is purely for pleasure, as is her clitoris.

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