Take the feather and start stimulating the inner ear. Whether you use a Pom Pom Poof or a standard plume, use it to draw an imaginary circle.

Start from the center of the ear and slowly drag the tip around and around, moving towards the outside of the ear.

With its tip, draw a circle and follow it with a gentle breath. Or if it has no tip, draw it over the tiny hairs of the body and watch the sparks fly!

Allow no contact between your lips and their skin. The combination of these two incredibly soft sensations will send shudders through their body.

After you’ve tantalized the ears for a minute or two, drag it ever so lightly across the curve of the neck. Using the lightest touches possible, you will raise the body’s electric current.

Similar to the Pattes D’Araignee, you’re on your way to achieving a full body orgasm. The lighter the touch, the more excitement and energy is being created. This kind of foreplay is very special. So gentle, light and airy, it feels almost otherworldly.

Use the Pom Pom as a sweet torture tool. Take your time. There’s no rush. Prolong the moment. Build anticipation. The longer it takes to move down the length of the body, the more likely the juices will flow on their own.

Drive your lover a little crazy. The excitement you build with such a light, sensuous, delicate tool is like nothing else.

Create intensity. Build anticipation. Let it roam ever so lightly. If you want to maximize its intensity, use a blindfold to cover their eyes.

When you can’t see what’s coming next, you can’t mentally prepare for it. Every touch is even more intense when you limit sight.

The results will be the most exciting, irresistible, fantastic foreplay. Get the most incredible desire going, intensify excitement, create passion and lust, all with a feather.

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