G Spot Stimulating Cream
Ooh That's It

Have you found Your G-Spot?  

If not, it is a journey worth taking and a tiny bit of Ooh, That's It! can help you get to your destination with very little confusion.  Once you find that little swell of internal tissue, you will have opened the potential for one of the greatest pleasures the female body can experience- Multiple Orgasms! 

We are all capable of having this exquisite pleasure! The problem is, we haven't been taught how.  We haven't been encouraged to explore our sexuality to learn how to make this phenomena happen.  We've been shamed for wanting to know, characterized as kinky for wanting something beyond the missionary position.  That is not who we are.  We are creative, sexual beings with a phenomenal capacity for pleasure, and the G-Spot is one of the main places from where that greatest pleasure emanates.

Just because the G-Spot is not obvious doesn’t mean it’s a figment of our imagination..

The G-Spot's existence has been questioned with misinformation spread by many medical ignoramuses, and since it can be as small as a dime, and undeveloped due to lack of Kegel exercises,  it isn't as obvious as the Clitoris.  Using a stimulating cream to find this elusive hot spot can be the ticket to an experience you'll want to repeat again and again. As a woman who has discovered hers, I am here to tell you that it does exist.

Find your G-Spot with Ooh, That’s It! and start having some of the most explosive, satisfying, exciting sex you've ever dreamed of.

Multiple orgasms aren’t exclusively for the very lucky. They’re for any woman who's willing to try.

If you want to improve your chances of having a mind-blowing vaginal orgasm there are a couple of things you can do.  First, try, Oooh, That's It.  It'll swell the spot so locating it will be much easier. Once's you feel the area where the swelling tingles, guide either your lover's penis head or the toy of your choice right to it.  Use the shaft of either the penis or the toy to simultaneously rub the external clitoris as well.  In no time at all, the orgasm you build up will blow your socks off!  We all have the potential to have a vaginal, multi orgasm.  Why aren't you having yours?

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  • Directions: Locate your G-Spot with your finger using the “Find It! Guideincluded inside!
  • Apply with one finger, a dime size amount of “Ooooh! That’s it! to the front wall of the vagina.
  • Move your finger in a ‘come hither’  or windshield wiper fashion over this lumpier area until you feel it increase in size.
  • Within minutes this super sensitive area of the vagina will start to make its presence known.
  • Feel its delightful tingle.

Rubbing an unexcited G-spot may initially feel like you’re making yourself want to pee.

(You’re actually pushing on the urethra behind it.)

But keep rubbing that tiny amount of the G Spot stimulating cream and within moments, the G-spot starts to swell. Use additional lubrication if need be, and include Kegel squeezes, if possible.

Once it has swelled, guide your lover's penis head to it. A tiny bit of G Spot stimulating Cream can lead to the beginning of a multi orgasmic life.

Then make love using one of the specially designed G-Spot positions as described in the Find it! Guide. that comes with the Ooh, That's It! cream.  Or investigate the time honored "Complete Manual of Sexual Positions" book, which has all the best positions for hitting the G-spot and bringing on the multiples.

Increases the size and sensitivity of the elusive G-Spot allowing the ULTIMATE G-Spot orgasm!

Experience a new level of intimacy with a partner or enjoy with a favorite toy.

Box Contains 1oz/30ml Flip Top Bottle

All natural active ingredients and condom friendly.

40 adventures in every bottle.

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