L Carnitine and Sexuality

How are L Carnitine and Sexuality related? Modern man sometimes needs to motivate his sperm to swim north. Stressed, nutritionally depleted sperm may be compromised. Today’s men have 50% less sperm than they did in 1940. Add smoking, drinking, inadequate sleep, and use of lubricants and his ability to fight environmental toxins all effect sperm count.

Infertility among couples exposed to heat or chemicals in prolonged soaks in Jacuzzis or Hot Tubs also rattle sperm production. This supplement increases the gusto of the battered American body, including the sperm.

Men tight briefs also undermine his body’s ability to do its functions. For adequate semen production testicles need to hang away from the body.

They rise up for orgasm but that is a relatively short time. Wearing testicle friendly boxers allows his body do naturally what it is meant to do.

Semen analysis is the cornerstone of testing for male infertility problems. Because of high technology, families are created today that a few years ago would have been impossible.

Drastic measures aren’t always necessary to have a child.

A healthy life and nutritious diet are all that is necessary, but for many, too difficult to make.

L Carnitive is a carrier molecule for medium and long chain fatty acids.

It is essential for the transportation of these fatty acids to the mitrochondria where they can be used for impregnation.

In tests, it significantly improved virility and sexuality.

It also reduced depression, melancholy and fatigue.

Stress and worry can zap your energy. This supplement helps naturally without side effects.

Many couples trying to get pregnant are trying L Carnitine to increase male fertility.

While L Carnitine has a significant and more noticeable mental effect, Carnitines alone are responsible for increasing physical energy, but not mental energy.

L Carnitine improved athletic performance over a 2 week period, increasing their aerobic capacity significantly.

When sexuality is expressed vigorously, it is important to men’s aerobic capacity.

Men are better able to sustain strength and virility by increasing both aerobic and anaerobic performances.

The dosage of 100 – 00 mg once a day in the morning is recommended.

Taking 500 mgs can cause insomnia and nausea. If you get nauseous, take with food.

Why are L Carnitine and sexuality linked today?

Because they are the bridge to improved sperm motility, intended to conceive.

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