Moringa Oleifera
A Holistic Aphrodisiac

Everyone’s talking about Moringa Oleifera—Dr. Oz, The View, Vogue, even Success @ Home Magazine!

  Moringa is not usually discussed for its potential to increase pleasure or increase libido but from a holistic sexuality point of view this makes perfect sense. 

Natural pleasure and sexual rewards co

Moringa has been around for thousands of years. 

Why are they talking about it now?  

 Because a BILLIONAIRE brought it to the United States, and others recognized its need.

People who want to feel healthy know that won’t happen taking pills.  If you want your sensual life to flourish, you’ll need complete nutrition.   

But how can you get complete nutrition today from foods grown in depleted soil, covered with pesticides and full of GMO’s? You can’t!  Unless you grow your own, and even if you grow organic, the soil is not what it used to be 50 years ago. 

As a Sensuality Consultant, my sex tip and advice to feel your best is to:

Drink one sachet of Zija’s Moringa every morning before breakfast. 

It is always a pleasure.



Proper nutrition is the foundation for all your working parts.  

Sensual attraction is enhanced when your body is energized and emitting a clean, pheromone scent. 

Additionally, sexual energy is replenished when you restore balance within the body. When you're properly nourished, you can’t help but feel so sensual

Understanding the history of sexuality, female pleasure and male potency have all been affected by proper nutrition  or lack thereof.  Nutrition affects our sex drive  of our sexual libido.   


Historically, most of our nutrition came from a variety of foods that would help replenish the body’s depleted stores for sexual balance.  But since many of today’s foods have 75% less nutrients than they had only 50 years ago, you must look elsewhere for complete nutrition.  We all know that orgasm pleasure takes great energy and effort.  Human sexuality today suffers from lack:  lack of free time, lack of exercise, lack of nutrition which leads to lack of desire.  Over 50% of Americans have one or more of over 300 diseases that are caused by lack of proper nutrition, all leading to inhibited sexual desire, among other things.   

Where does 100% Nutrition come from? 

The most complete food on the planet, a plant called Moringa Oleifera. 

You think I'm exaggerating? 

Watch the Discovery TV Documentary at the top of this page.   

 Consuming Moringa Oleifera will give your body everything it needs for your personal pleasure and beyond. 

Moringa Oleifera is not a sensual food per se.  You’d be hard pressed to make any sensual recipes with it.  Eating it straight off the tree is a challenge, since it IS an acquired taste. 

Instead, seek pleasure via the proprietary, enzymatically alive version of Zija International.

Formulated by Russ Bianchi @  it is a delicious, raw, real food, activated and drunk with water.  Totally absorbed in 20 minutes, you’ll have more natural energy that’ll increase your staying power.    That’s what happens when you 're nourished.  You’re inspired to increase your sexuality and put sex on top of your list of pleasures. 

Moringa Oleifera is the perfect natural male erection enhancement and a holistic guide to pleasure.  Zija’s proprietary blend is organic, hand picked, and shade dried so it won’t degrade in the sun.  It contains all the nutrients you could ever need or want are in one serving.   

To prolong pleasure and increase sexual energy you need a sexual balance between desire and ability.  Sex relationship articles and advice will not help you get your groove back. 

Proper nutrition will.

 Rather than take dozens of vitamin pills which are mostly peed out, drink one sachet of Zija's Moringa Oleifera 

I do, and so does my entire family, every day.

In offering my suggestions on which Zija formulation to use, I rely on the real science of Dr. Russ Bianchi.


Why am I such a Zija advocate?

Don't be fooled by cheaper versions of Moringa which only use the leaves.  Unlike copycat versions, Zija uses all of the plant to get all of the nutrients—the leaves, seeds and pods.  

Raw, unadulterated, delicious and organic make it the perfect food for a sensual and exciting life, full of fun, staying power and a potent sex drive.





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