Pisces sexuality

Pisces sexuality represents the true sensual romantic of the zodiac. Striving for magic, moonlight, tenderness and emotional crescendos, this mutable water-sign, thanks to Neptune, has an elusive, mystical quality.

Insightful, poetic, artistic, and intuitive, he is a lucid dreamer who comes and goes, sometimes for days at a time. Only individuals who create no undue karmic attachments are allowed to enter Pisces’s environment.

He must be loved purely with no expectation. He neither wants to own or be owned by his partner. The zodiac’s drifter can never be tied down.

Those who enter into a relationship with him must fold themselves into his life, making his goals their own, or pursue their own path, OK with the inherent isolation that comes with the Pisces relationship.


Pisces sexuality challenges potential partners to love in a way the poets have described; by simultaneously setting him free, allowing him to escape into his life’s calling. This is the dynamic the Pisces needs to keep love alive, and it is a bit unnerving for most lovers to abide.

His form of loving is so devoid of expectation as to border on apathy. Ironically, though he asks less of a partner than any other zodiac sign, relationships are mainly all about him.

The woman that loves him must have both feet on the ground and the ability to be objective thus enabling him to creatively soar all the more.

Typically, he will latch onto a domineering female whose company he’ll keep to the exclusion of all others. He’s attracted to flamboyant, attention-getting, gaudy, bawdy types with creative ambitions, much like his own.

Blessed with the ability to exist according to his own design, he doesn’t stress or strive to achieve success; rather he patiently allows his plans to gestate.

What he needs more than anything else in a relationship is for you to believe in him. If he’s not careful, he’s apt to lose himself along the way when he sacrifices what he really wants to support others.

He sees ambition and desire, even of a sexual nature, stemming from a divinely inspired source, upon which he’ll happily hop on for the ride.

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In his youth and early twenties, he’s turned on by raw, unmade women, usually older than he, unblushing types who provide a sense of real grounding.

If you’re looking for a guy who is striving for a fat income, this sympathetic dreamer may not be for you. His life is one long self-fulfilling prophesy.

With a natural talent for creating whimsical, unreal worlds from his imagination, to the Pisces mind, all is poetry. He brings about desired outcomes from concentration and ignoring distractions.

Of course, many Pisceans realized their dreams and made a ton of cash, but I’ll wager the dreams came first and the reward was just the icing on the cake.

Pisces, of any sexual persuasion, isn’t caught up in materialism. He’s a bohemian who will inhabit a fringe world of forgotten artists, filmmakers, designers and other innovators who exhibit a certain evolutionary cultural vision.

He tends to be the best looking if not the prettiest man in the zodiac. Regardless of which side of the tracks he’s born on, Pisces man tends to gestate decidedly genteel. Being genteel goes a long way to explain his prolific success in his sexual pursuits.

With a decided lack of male beastliness, he becomes the zodiac’s favorite boy toy. Born into this ûber-feminine zodiac sign, he might be the most effeminate heterosexual you’ll ever meet.

With other men, he is homoerotic to the core, forever flirting with the fine line between friendship and full-out sexual involvement.

Nothing shocks Pisces Sexuality and by the same token, he finds nothing to be an overwhelming experience. Of all the signs, Pisces Sexuality is the least moved by sex. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have skills.

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He does--fantastic, out-of-this-world skills that outstrip the rest.

It’s just that sex doesn’t much affect him one way or the other.

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