Second Chakra

The second chakra, unbeknownst to my conscious mind, has influenced every phase of my life. Although the other chakras are equally important in my relationship to the world, the second chakra, being associated with sexuality and creativity, has inspired me greatly in which path I’ve taken for my life’s work, how I’ve developed my individuality and how I’ve pursued my creative interests.

I didn’t realize why it happened, but oftentimes during my early twenties, right after enjoying intensely satisfying love, I would enthusiastically jumped up and start writing. Sometimes I’d write about what just happened, describing in detail the moments of bliss I had just experienced. Other times though, the inspired writing was about insights, revelations, things I hadn’t had in the forefront of my mind, but now needed to be addressed, considered, understood, and revealed by the written word for my conscious mind to make sense of.

It seems that when the sex is extremely satisfying the second Chakra opens up and creativity flows from a subconscious or supraconscious place that is otherwise not accessible. You can’t force yourself to be creative. It has to flow. And then your mind flows with it.

Creative people will tell you that they can not take credit for their creativity; it was not something they thought up as much as allowed through them, given their understanding of the medium at hand.

From this chakra flows creativity, sexuality is expressed in its most blissful form and you experience the true essence of your life force within, manifesting your creative talents, whatever they may be.

Directly related to our creativity, whether it is the creation of children, creating food, or creating art, opening it becomes a portal to your creativity on a grand scale--ideas, feelings, understandings that you never considered before are in the forefront of your mind, crowding each other to get out, to get expressed.

When this chakra has been opened, there is nothing as effortless as letting the ideas out. There is no ‘searching for words’. The words are there, expressing, influencing you to love your body and its potential for pleasure. When the chakra is open, you love yourself, are grateful for your beauty, and want to enjoy your sensual life to the fullest.

The sex chakra is the consciousness associated with food and sex. It is the body’s communication with the Being inside, what the body wants and needs, and what it finds pleasurable. There is no sin in this communication.

For those that have made it so, they have alienated a part of their existence that is integral to pleasure, bliss, and our natural state of being.

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