Sensual Massage Pittsburgh

For sensual massage Pittsburgh may well be the best place to get the most excellent sensual Reiki massage ever. Among the natural alternative therapies, Sensual Reiki and Sensual reflexology are among the most effective ways to unclog organs, release toxins, and relieve pain in all areas of the body.

Gifted Master Reiki massage therapist, Chiayueh Yen, knows how to draw the energy up, through, and around your body, opening up your energy points for a personal pleasure that is hard to explain yet undeniable in its therapeutic benefits.

Anyone who has undergone her individualized treatments is amazed at their renewed energy, vitality, and relief from chronic pain.


This sensual full body massage awakens your body unlike any other kind of massage, because Reiki is unlike any other kind of massage. First of all, you don’t have to take off any clothes. Second, she doesn’t use any oils, although she may ask if you’d like some balancing aromatherapy wafting through the air during your session.

Instead of just working with the muscles, she works with your body’s chi or life-force. This is Chiang Yen’s gift.

She senses your body’s needs without words, and works every area of the body to loosen muscles, draw away tension, and help the free flow of sensual energy as it pulses from the top of the head to the soles of the feet.

Unlike non touch Reiki, this sensual indulgence is very physical. It is extremely important to relax completely. You cannot help her.

You can only let go. In letting go, pleasure and pain are intermingled as she works the tension from muscles, joints, and deep fibers, rooting out what is causing your chronic condition.

The sensual massage Pittsburgh style is recommended for anyone who is having chronic pain, whether it is in your back, legs, shoulders or feet.

It is not just that she’s working with your physical self. She is working with the sensual energy, unseen, that courses through and around you, often blocked by stress, tension, and fear.

Through the magic of her very capable sensual caress, pleasure sensations abound afterwards.

If you’re in Pittsburgh and you’re feeling out of sorts, tense, or have some chronic pain that Western medicine has not been able to relieve, I strongly recommend this sensual massage Pittsburgh style.

You’ll be glad you went.

Even if you don’t believe in Chi energy, her touch can make you a believer.

Contact: for an appointment. Tell her Ellen sent you!

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