Tantra for Women


Tantra for women especially, is a way of life.  Whether it is enjoying a meal, having a conversation, looking at something beautiful like a sunset or flower, the attention is focused on the object in full appreciation.  

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It is a nurturing of her own body.  It is an appreciation of the divine feminine. 

The tantric woman doesn’t want to be like a man. 

She is not lusting after outcomes. 

Her movements, demeanor and desire are all gentle, not aggressive or even assertive. 

They are smooth, deliberate, gentle, and loving. 

Learning Tantra becomes a journey that includes developing a sense of what it take to be all present, to understand the body, to love one's body and to be grateful for how it functions. 

She is aware of its pleasure potential and is thankful for its abilities. 

She acknowledges that she is on this planet to love and to be loved. 

That is the true purpose of our beings. 

She is intimately aware of what her genitals look like, having examined them closely with eyes and fingertips. 

It is obvious that she enjoys touching her body, appreciating all the different textures of hair, nails, and skin, from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. 

Tantra is a journey of beauty and appreciation of the body’s potential for pleasure.

That potential can manifest in tantric sensual rejuvenation massage therapy

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She has no embarrassment when looking at their genitals, or when touching them, or sharing them with full guidance with the one she loves. 

Tantric sex is a special occasion, as beautiful as another other celebration in life, meant to be remembered, treasured, fully immersed in, relished for every second of bliss that it provides. 

There is never any rushing during tantric sex. 

In fact, upon close examination, the participants look like they are barely moving. 

It is all about the connection, the exchange of sexual energy, the essential chi that is the moving force between the partners that makes Tantric Sex so powerful, so engaging and something to be revered.

It is taking time to savor every sensual moment, to appreciate what beauty is in each experience.

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