There are lots of things to do everyday. I get it! I've got lots on my plate, too. But I'm also into prevention of problems. I exercise at least 5 days a week, mask twice a week, and do my Kegels every day! How many Kegels are enough? Well, if you're new to the whole idea of Kegels, you should start out with 10 and then increase to 20 the next day, and 10 more each day thereafter. In no time at all you'll be knocking out 300 Kegels a day, which is the recommended number to do to keep your insides strong and healthy.

There are four different kinds of Kegels: The Flutter, the Four Second Hold, Up Elevator and Down Elevator. The Flutter is a quick succession of Kegel squeezes. I like doing them best to the beat of music. By the time the song has ended I've finished my recommended amount.

But the 4 Second Hold is a nice way to break it up. As it suggests, hold each squeeze for 4 seconds and then relax.

Up and Down Elevators are for the more proficient Kegelers. Start from the bottom of the vagina and squeeze up. Relax and then from deep within, squeeze down to the base of the vagina. The more you practice, the better you'll get at this. Save these two for when you can Kegel 300 flutters without strain or difficulty.

These exercises are perfect when you don't want to waste time. Stuck in traffic? Waiting in line? Washing Dishes? Any situation when you're waiting is the perfect time to do your Kegels. Just get into the habit of doing them whenever you're not concentrating on anything else. And since we're waiting or sitting quite often during the average day you have lots of opportunities to practice your Kegels. Put them to use to keep your insides strong and healthy.

Your vagina will thank you by staying strong, toned, healthy, sexually responsive and you'll never need diapers for adults. And guys, when you do your Kegels they'll help you last longer, have a stronger erection, and better control, not to mention you'll never need diapers in your old age either.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, prevention is the Key to good health and enjoying your life. Especially when it comes to enjoying your sex life, help yourself a little bit every day by keeping your parts working, by putting your intention on your vagina or more specifically, your pelvic floor, to keep it healthy, elastic and toned. You'll be rewarded for that little bit of effort starting today and in the years to come.