Summer is upon us. As the weather warms up, the clothing comes off. We expose more of our skin and as we shed layers of clothing, we also release our natural fragrance. This scent, called pheromones, is the most powerful animal magnetism that inspires our sexual desires.

The total package of scents from the hair, skin and genitals is called her Cassolette. When her Cassolette is unadulterated by the wrong perfume, it can drive a lover to sexual distraction. Once a month when a woman is ovulating, her pheromone scent peaks for only 24 hours. Couples who copulate during this time without protection are more likely to produce a baby than any other day of the month.

Without words, desire is initiated by scent. Most people are unaware that this scent is our strongest sexual attractant. They’d like to believe that we are above that—after all, only animals sniff each other. And yet, as a species, we are not too far from our feral ancestors.

We’ve convinced ourselves that our tastes are determined by the other’s personal style, income, physical attributes such as hair color, body type, or a host of other features that are pleasing to us. But it is these unseen pheromones that truly create the most magnetic and powerful allure.

If you want your scent to be part of your sensual armament, remember that pheromone perfumes magnify our natural scent any day of the month. Available in many aromas, they’re meant to allure and stimulate. You don’t have to wait until you’re ovulating to use its magnetic charm.

The right Pheromone perfume reproduces the scent that signals sexual readiness. When men smell it, it sets off a chain of reactions. I always caution that a little bit goes a long way. Too much of a good thing might get you sexual responses that may be socially ‘over the top’, for you, but if you’re feeling froggy, go for it. Just don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with embarrassed smiles and bulging pants.

Scientists are still hard-pressed to understand why men even have pheromones. Men don’t ovulate so scent isn’t needed as a signal of sexual readiness. But from a sensual point of view, it makes perfect sense to me. Ask any woman if she’d want to have sex with a man who doesn’t smell good to her, and you’ll hear a resounding majority of women say NO!!! If his scent isn’t right with her, neither are his chances of trading bodily fluids. It’s just natural selection at work.

When it comes to Pheromone perfumes, their mission is to bring out the natural pheromone scent that we all have, and magnify it. Proceed with awareness.

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