Ace and Layla

by Cathe
(Carteret, NJ, USA)

When you think of Caribbean good looks, you have to envision Ace. 6 ft 2, trim, athletic, cut, gorgeous; Athletic enough to earn a baseball scholarship and 21 to boot--no longer a child in the eyes of the Lord, yet still very vulnerable, very impressionable. A cougar could take complete control and enjoy every moment of his power, endurance, perfectly proportioned muscles, beautiful deep brown soulful eyes, perfect lips, and intoxicating aroma. When it comes to a fantasy lover, what more does any woman need? Not much. Would it be fair to Ace to pretend to love him? It wouldn’t be love keeping a cougar around—just lust. A relationship with Ace, especially for an older woman, would be very short lived, but in that short time it would be hot, opportunistic and sexually passionate, no questions asked. That’s how it happened with Layla and Ace.

Layla is part owner of the fitness club where Ace is employed. She is married, well connected and one of the few partners in the business that actually exercises and looks good. She’s trim, well proportioned, and belies her age with her toned muscles and tight bum. She doesn’t come to our facility often as most corporate meetings are held at some of the newer and nicer locations, but when she does show up, she’s there all day.

Today she and all the corporate bigwigs are occupying offices and displacing the regular staff. Layla worked all day either facing her laptop or one of the partners who sat across the table from her. It didn’t look like much fun for anyone. At slightly past 5:00 she decided to leave. As she stepped out of the office, she glanced up and down the length of the building to see if she recognized any of her cohorts. Her gaze rested on Ace. He was signing someone in, so he didn’t see her come out of the office.

Quite unexpectedly, she started moving towards the reception area. Normally she didn’t greet all the employees. Wherever she deemed you belonged in the corporate pecking order influenced her need to acknowledge you in any way. Her attention to him revealed her attraction to him--forbidden fruit, just ripe for the picking.
“Bye Ace”, she purred. “Nice to see you today!” He smiled, blushed ever so slightly. Their eyes locked for a moment. Was that a connection or was I imagining that? Hmmm…..
“Bye, Layla, good to see you, too.” I couldn’t help but notice that he liked her, too. “She’s the real deal”, he declared as she headed out the door. “She works hard when she’s here.” My ‘spidey sense’ was going off and I didn’t know why. Regardless of what I was feeling, all I saw were two professional, courteous and friendly co-workers; nice to see, but nothing out of the ordinary.
I didn’t think anything more about the feeling I had that there was something going on between those two until one snowy day in February when Layla showed up at our facility. Seems she got ‘caught in our area’ when the blizzard began. Most people wouldn’t drive on a night like this. I’d been sitting in my office when someone walked past. I didn’t catch her face. Ten seconds later Ace came to my office.
“Would you watch the front for me while I check the back?” He asked. I couldn’t say no to him. He always asked so nicely. As I got up to man the reception area, he trotted past me to the back of the facility, making a left out of my sight.
I stood at his post for about 8 minutes or so. All the members had gone home and not-withstanding the Muzak it was eerily quiet and nearly time to close. Two minutes to closing and I felt compelled to go looking for him. What was taking him so long?
As I approached the back, I could hear what sounded like moaning. Just to be clear: moaning is not an unusual sound in the gym; sometimes people push themselves past their pain point and they let out an audible release. But these audible releases didn’t sound like they were emanating from pain. The closer I got to the sound, the more it sounded like erolalia (the sounds of love). I had to see.
I didn’t want to disturb the couple but the voyeur in me just had to know who was getting ‘busy’. My eyes nearly bugged out when I came around the corner and saw Ace and Layla in an intimate embrace. Her back was against the wall. She pulled him towards her and he willingly followed her lead. His shirt was off and his cut, six pack abs were a feast for the eyes. She wanted to feel his hard taut body against hers, so she pulled her sweater off, unhooked her own bra and tossed it behind him as he moved towards her. He was very close and his powerful arms were around her. She swooned at his touch, but caught herself. He helped steady her by reaching down and cupping her butt cheeks; one in each hand, fondling them like ripe melons. Their eyes locked. They couldn’t, no, wouldn’t stop hungrily touching each other.
I couldn’t stop watching. I was mesmerized. At one point they stopped moving, as if one, and just looked into each other’s eyes, searching for the look that said they were both safe in each other’s arms. She was holding onto him, a woman with an unmistakable need to feel again. The need to have something beautiful and exciting in her life, even if only for a moment; that could and would touch her, deeply, emotionally and otherwise. And he—appreciating that this woman of power, prestige and class would have desire for him, coupled with his insatiable desire to prove himself as a man and as a lover, there to please. She could tell him what he’d need to know and he could and would respond. It was perfect.
The stillness was broken with their passionate kiss. Hungrily, their lips met, lightly at first as if they were sampling each other’s nectar and then deeply when they knew the nectar was divine. They were drunk in their desire. Neither had planned this, but here it was—everything they both had imagined; to touch and be touched by the other in as many wonderful ways as possible, without judgment, without guilt, without obligation or fear of repercussions. Here, now, they were taking this moment to make love to one another. If life is manifesting thought, word and deed, here was the culmination of their mutual manifestation. And it was perfect.

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