Mighty Tidy Adult Toy Cleaner

Keep your personal toys squeaky clean with an adult toy cleaner. When you wash it properly there’s no chance of infection, irritation, or problems with them.



Using adult toys with confidence leads to fun while increasing the pleasure of your sex life.

As you experiment with your toys in new and creative ways, your sensual life will delight and amaze you.

Never use straight grain alcohol, especially on Cyberskin or any porous materials.

The newest adult toys materials must be washed with something that won’t dry them out and using the right product is essential so you won't destroy them.

First, wipe your toy down with a damp cloth. Spray liberally with Mighty Tidy, being careful not to let any drip into the battery case. Allow it to stay on for about five minutes. All bacteria and possible fungal growth will be halted with just one use.

Keep your toys like brand new so each time they are safe to use. Using products that are not intended for vibrators can dry and crack the material.

When you use an adult toy cleaner to wash all your intimate toys, especially on porous materials, there’s never any chance of harmful bacterial growth. Keep them in tip top condition by washing them properly.

One more hint on keeping a toy for a long time: Always take the batteries out when you’re done using it. Leaving batteries in can lead to battery leakage, which will destroy your toy from the inside, out. And if it is made with a specialty material, always store it separately in a sandwich bag so its material wont' be compromised by any other materials.

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