by Alexis
(Xenia, Ohio)

I would like to have multiple otgasms when i masturbate. How can i do this?

Multiple orgasms emanate from the G-spot within the vagina. It is very important to create an excited, sensitized vagina to be able to make this happen.

Do at least 300 Kegel squeeze exercises on the day you want to produce multiple vaginal orgasms. Whether you do the exercises all in 'one sitting' or intersperse them throughout the day, doing them for five minutes sensitizes your vagina for the 'workout' you're giving it later when you're going for the vaginal orgasm.

The quickest way to have vaginal orgasms is by using Wah Balls. That is the most efficient way to produce enough tension to have a vaginal orgasm. Squeeze around them for 20 minutes while standing or sitting.

This is a solo pursuit, so in a sense, it is masturbation. If you're not doing Kegel exercises regularly start doing them today. By the time you get your Ben Wah Balls your vagina will be 50% stronger and able to keep the balls from falling out. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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