Anal Ease Lubricant

When it comes to anal penetration, Anal Ease Lubricant and relaxation are the keys to success.

This body part has a naturally tight sphincter muscle. Opening and relaxing the area for penetration takes time, knowledge and lots of lubrication.

Anal Ease Lubricant


If the anus is penetrated in a rushed, rough or inconsiderate way it can hurt. After experiencing pain, the recipient vows to never let it happen again.

Anyone who wants to include anal sex as part of their sexual repertoire must know how to relax and lubricate this area so penetration feels fantastic, not scary or painful.

If you would like to learn from a professional, Nina Hartley has and excellent DVD on the subject. Learn all the necessary steps and the appropriate mindset to make anal sex terrific the first time. If your first experience is positive, it's more likely that they'll be a second experience.

Anal Ease Lubricant mildly desensitizes the anal opening to ease the nervous, anxious mind that anticipates that anal penetration will hurt.

Anal sex has been given a bad reputation for a long time. It is often difficult to let go of our prejudices regarding its penetration. We often don't equate anal sex as something pleasurable.

It is our lack of technique in treating this area that has made it painful. For the many who have tried it once and had a negative experience, it is difficult to say they'll try it again.

To quell fears, this topical, cherry flavored lubricant has a gentle numbing action. Use it liberally at the rectal opening. Within five minutes, you’re ready for slow penetration.

Even with the gentle numbing action of Anal Ease Lubricant, it is important that the recipient feels something as the rectum is penetrated and stretched. Communicate if it is enjoyable or not. Complete trust between the partners is essential, otherwise anal sex can be scary and bordering on abusive.

I recommend that rather than start the penetration with a penis, open and relax the rectum first with a massage to the entire buttocks. After the entire area has been relaxed, wear latex or nitrile gloves, and starting with the smallest finger and working up to the middle finger, do a four finger penetration of the rectum slowly, one finger at a time.

Take your time. This is not an area that can be rushed to relax. After the recipient is well relaxed, a penis can be introduced, but again, very slowly with lots of lubrication.

Unless you're a porn star who specializes in anal penetration, there is no pumping, ramming or shoving into this orifice. S-L-O-W penetration; the movement is almost imperceptible. A gentle rocking back and forth. Withdrawal is also done slowly.

With trust, care, knowledge and patience, anal sex can add a new level of sexual stimulation to your current definition of sexual pleasure. Its sensation is an acquired taste. For those who are bugger connoisseurs, there is nothing else like it.

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