Anal Love Beads

Anal love beads are for any man who wants to experience the most intense sexual orgasm his body can produce. By tapping into the function of his prostate, he can double the intensity of his orgasm. Imagine that!

Pictured here, they are available in Small for those who are new to direct prostate stimulation, Medium/those who have experimented some, and Large/those who are comfortable with anal play.

Anal Love Beads

The prostate is second in importance to the penis for sexual stimulation. It is located along the rectal wall. It is the gland responsible for men achieving multi orgasms. By cycling and recycling sexual energy a man can keep the his sexual tension inside of his body rather than releasing it through ejaculation.

For a man to enjoy multi orgasms he must learn the discipline and techniques. That takes time, practice and patience. Many men equate ejaculation with orgasm. It's not necessary, but it's what they've come to expect. (no pun intended).

If they want a double-header multiple orgasm anal Love Beads are the tool of choice.

Safer and cleaner than using a finger, especially if you have long nails, insert the lubricated beads one at a time into the rectum. Each nudge will position them against his prostate.

It is not necessary to push them in. This vacuous organ will pull them up. A gentle nudge is all that is needed. The ring at the end of the string keeps them from being pulled too far up the rectum.

For best results, timing is crucial. Insert them when he’s excited and breathing hard. Breathing through his mouth is an indicator that all of his orifices are open and relaxed.

When he’s ready to ejaculate (ask him if you’re not sure), pull them out very slowly.

As each bead is slowly pulled out, it deliberately rubs against the prostate.

The explosion of his orgasm is doubled because both the penis and prostate are releasing sexual tension.

The awareness of your body's potential for pleasure, especially when it comes to your sexuality and sensuality, develops when you rid yourself of bias, prejudice and disdain for any of your parts.

Every man has a prostate. It produces the fluid that carries the semen out during ejaculation. Its frequent stimulation keeps it health and helps prevents any long term problems.

Anal toys are simple, efficient and powerful in the right hands.

Wash with a liquid anti-bacterial soap, and spritz with Mighty Tidy an adult toy cleaner, to keep them like new.

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