Aphrodesiacs were named after Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. It is actually spelled aphrodisiacs.

These are foods, herbs and ideas increase our sexual desire, ignite our passion, and can help us to become better lovers.

Intended to amuse and entertain, this path to eroticism has roots in ancient cultures such as Greece, Japan, China and India.

Where once these erotic techniques were limited to harems and courtesans, today they are available to anyone who is sexually and sensually curious.

These herbs and spices, scents and unguents, recipes and concoctions are used by lovers the world over to increase desire and passion. At a time when there is increasing interest in herbal remedies from our own folk tradition, it is difficult not to find something useful among all the aphrodisiacs, many of which are a fascinating part of our sexual heritage.


Some of the more popular aphrodisiacs are chocolate, oysters, strawberries and even champagne. It is the naturally occurring chemicals in these foods that either stimulate our blood, or loosen inhibition.

Some lesser known aphrodesiacs are cinnamon, coriander and cumin.

Prized for their aroma, each of these spices gets the blood flowing more freely. When it comes to sexual arousal it is free flowing blood in our extremities that is the key to sexual excitement.

Along with oxygenating the blood in our genitals, stimulating the sexual imagination is necessary. Aphrodisiacs can only work if the body is relaxed and open to stimulation. Under stress, sometimes sex is the last thing we’re thinking about. And yet to relieve stress, it should be the first choice.

Although Spanish Fly was once considered an aphrodisiac, it is an illegal substance in the U.S.A. that only irritates the woman’s urinary tract. It is not and has never been an aphrodisiac.

Today American and European pharmaceutical companies are coming up with their own versions of aphrodesiacs. From stimulating creams for men and women, to pills such as Viagra, everyone wants to get in on the action.

But among the ancient and more modern cures for a blasé libido, the best aphrodisiac is a creative sexual imagination, the desire to keep your sex life interesting, and a healthy diet.

It is unfortunate that we resort to drugs to increase our libido to enjoy our sexuality. The release of sexual tension is a natural tranquilizer.

It is the healthiest, most natural physical reward for maintaining a healthy body. Sexual orgasm is life affirming, joyous, and beautiful. It only becomes a chore when we let the body fall into disrepair with poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

If you need a little help getting stimulated, remember that relaxation is the key to building sexual desire. When you’re stressed, overworked, tired, drunk, or medicated, your body can only do so much to bring you to your blissful, sexual release.

Learn to take consistent care of yourself so you can reach that state of bliss--no aphrodesiacs needed.

Although all of the aforementioned and many other known aphrodisiacs can help somewhat with improving our libido, the only true aphrodisiac is our imagination.

Keeping sexual activities interesting, exciting, fresh, and fun are what make it a true adventure. As soon as we relinquish our responsibility to the sexual act to foreign substances, we adopt a crutch that we may grow to depend on.

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