Aquarius Sexuality

One of the more outrageous sexual styles is revealed within Aquarius sexuality. He’s a social fellow who hides his insecurities behind a casual, charismatic veneer. A seemingly self sufficient type, he’s looking for someone ‘great’ to please and adore, as he turns her into his primary caretaker.

Often he attracts women who are seriously lacking fatherly love. This avant-garde, socially intellectual man makes his partner feel she’s found someone special—someone who’s not jealous, insecure or needy.

But if you look carefully you’ll see the Water Bearer is busy sprinkling the world with his utopian ideas. These take precedence over the mundane concerns of life.

A bit of a freak, he’s predisposed to offbeat perceptions and predilections that eventually become the seeds of ideological and social change.

During his life, as he meets women and sacks them, he prefers one-shot deals rather than casual ongoing sessions.

The spark of the new relationship goes out quickly for him. That is, he enjoys the beginning of bonds best, the thrill of newness.

Sacking an Aquarian male can be fun, definitely exciting, and often kinky. Actually, if you’d like to guess just how kinky he is in bed, you can make that assessment by his public persona.

The more pure and knightly he seems in public, the kinkier he’ll be in private. No male has a sleazier side, albeit a highly secretive one. At first he seems the self-sufficient type in a sea of unstable men.

Eventually he’ll exhibit his notoriously skewed if not sordid side in bed. He prefers no-strings attached sexual bonds, taking his sweet time before settling into a steady relationship, if ever.

Aquarius Sexuality is probably the least emotionally involved sexual personality. He isn’t above screwing his way to the top and wouldn’t show the slightest remorse at ditching relationships decades in the making.

Often labeled a social climber who seeks to marry above his ‘station’, there is nobody the Aquarius thinks is out of his league. That’s what comes from seeing yourself as a god. What he teaches us is that personality is an illusion--he knows it, accepts it and moves on, unwilling to get involved in the drama of emotions.

Aquarius makes a woman his host while he focuses on lofty, universal concepts that grace or plague his mind. He isn’t concerned with the minutia of life and needs someone to take care of the mundane aspects of living.

Insinuating himself into her life, he slowly becomes that seventy-seven year old (the Aquarius soul’s age) who needs to be inspected before leaving the house so he’s not wearing two different color socks.

Beyond sex, his focus is on his lofty ideals, aspirations and a need to feel above the fray of base human desires. He takes control of his desires and makes sure they never show.

He prides himself on being evolved, so natural physical and sensual urges are repressed until they emerge in some alternate controlled forms.

Sex with Aquarius is the ultimate mind-fuck. Cyber chat rooms were invented with this personality in mind.

Aquarius sexuality is more sexually deviant than most and as a result of his skewed planetary influence his erotic scope tends to be incredibly focused and specific.

He will reach the farthest levels of erotic activity in his sexual exploits, all the while remaining incredibly restrained.

Because ego is not part of Aquarius sexuality, it is not beneath him to indulge his desires on line and if the audience is geographically suitable, to indulge in person, whether married or not.

On-line affairs are a fairly regular supplemental dalliance that he uses to keep himself satisfied, but eventually, he’ll long for something more—something new, fresh and exciting.

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