Aries Sexuality

If you’re interested in Aries Sexuality, you’ve made a move toward a he-man, the knight in shining armor who’s looking to ‘rescue’ his lady fair.

Ruled by Mars, this guy is a warrior by nature, and if you take a survey, you’ll find that many Aries men join the military where they can be with the guys, doing guy things. If you’ve fallen in love with an Aries man, plan on spending a lot of time alone.

Aries Sexuality is comfortable with other men, although out of all the signs, there are the least number of gay Aries men. Being surrounded by men, relating to them, making them his confidantes, he is truly in his element.

Women, on the other hand, are a source of pleasure, but are meant to be used. He’s usually one of the horniest men on the planet, but doesn’t believe in masturbation as a form of release.

Whenever he’s got his ‘horns on’, he’ll be on the prowl for his next best lay. But, when he finally does find the ‘one’, he’ll be passionately devoted to her, but only on his own terms.

Aries men are represented by the Ram. This animal uses its head to knock over the competition. He’ll climb the highest peaks to garner the best vantage point and never worry whether he can make it or not. One thing he doesn’t lack is confidence.

It you want to be the apple of his eye, you can’t be too emotionally sensitive to the brusque comments you’ll hear. Try not to take his off the-cuff-remarks personally.

Even though he’s full grown, he is the 1st cardinal masculine sign and he doesn’t readily embrace his feminine side. If you want to be his one and only, you’ve got to learn to appreciate man in his most basic form.

Aries Sexuality represents age 0 – 7 so they are very self impressed, self interested, and self absorbed. They are the perpetual 2-year-old youngster, full of energy, enthusiasm, but looking at the world very one-dimensionally, that is, what, when, and how they want, now!

He expects you to love sex as much as he does and to appreciate his penis and all its wonderful attributes. In the sack, he’s capable of marathon sex and will do whatever, for however long it needs to takes place. He likes to lead the way, and is not readily open to suggestions from you.

He greatly prizes his independence. Being from the first house, his number is 1, and he is quite fine being an independent bachelor, sacking as many women as possible.

He’s honest to a fault and will tell you how many women he’s seeing while he’s dating you. That may either turn you off or endear him to you; either way you’ll know where you stand.

The Aries man is a male chauvinist. He has his own life style, the way he likes his life to go. He’s very passionate, intense, and often selfish, demanding, and acts like a spoiled child if he doesn’t get his way or his needs are not met.

Young at heart, he likes to be with a high energy person who will always be a few steps ahead of him. If you’re built for comfort, not for speed, Aries Sexuality may not be your cup of tea.

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