Aromatic Botanical Massage Oils

Aromatic botanical massage oils, 

written about in the ancient Kama Sutra Text some 2500 years ago,  were prescribed for the different Doshas (or body types) as a means of balancing the body's energy within its environment.

Short, Medium, Tall,

Slim, well muscled or curvy and round,

we all have elements of these within us and they control how we metabolize our food, thoughts, and feelings.

According to East Indian medicine, each of us is represented strongly by one body type, (which is the one you see) with a second and third Dosha manifesting in a greater or lesser degrees behind the scenes.  

Even though each Dosha is responsible for a process within the body that contributes to its existence, not all three Doshas are obvious.  

 To be healthy, we must recognize which is our dominant Dosha-—Vada, Pitta, or Kaffa and consider them when making a diagnosis for a natural path towards healing.

Since these Aromatic Botanicals represent a nice cross section of what the Doshas need for balance, we recommend them for the Ayurvedic self massage that is recommended to balance us out.  The self-massage should last one to five minutes, each day, before we shower.

Start at the scalp, working down to the face, ears, neck, arms, torso, legs and feet.

To reach the back, use a towel to rub the skin. Help the body’s largest organ produce helpful hormones to fight free radicals and prevent disease with this daily ritual.

To do this practice without discomfort or friction, quality oil is necessary.

Aromatic Botanical Massage Oils

8 oz bottles - $20.99 each

Serenity - calming & relaxing

Pleasure Garden - Floral & romantic

Harmony Blend - Mind-Body-Soul- balanced

Sweet Almond - Gender Friendly aphrodisiac

Soaring Spirit - Minty & invigorating




Intimate Earth Massage Oils:

Energizing Massage Oil helps to lift your spirits, relax your muscles and renew your vigor This vegan formula contains certified organic extracts of aloe, orange and gingerroot and is paraben and DEA free.


Relaxation Massage Oil helps to relax, unwind and free your mind. It is beneficial for stress, muscle cramps and tension. This vegan formula contains certified organic extracts of aloe, lemongrass and coconut and is paraben and DEA free.


Sensual Massage Oil helps to create an intimate setting and frees inhibitions for both partners. This vegan formula contains certified organic extracts of aloe, cocoa bean and goji berries and is paraben and DEA free.

Intimate Earth Aromatic Massage Oil

Whether we need rejuvenation, serenity, or increased blood circulation, one of these aromatic scents will fit the bill.

For romance, closeness, inspired passion, for our sensuality and sexuality to be brought to a whole new level of pleasure, massage is the easiest way to get that blissful state.

Along with the healthful benefits that Aromatic Botanicals provide, these oils are perfect for a pleasure massage and daily moisturizing.  Light and super absorbant, their consistency stays on top of the skin for a thorough massage with bare hands or a massage tool, and then blends completely into the skin for a silky feel and an intriguing scent.

Never greasy, sticky or slick because they're all natural with NO mineral oil.

When we use the right balancing oil, we’re helping our skin do it’s job, that is produce the chemicals, hormones, enzymes and minerals that keep us healthy.  Your body's skin is a chemical factory that will respond to its nurturance and care.  Protect, care for, and stimulate your skin, (your largest organ)  and it will produce what your body needs to keep you healthy throughout your life.

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