Ben Wah Balls

Ben Wah Balls are the original and still the best tool for learning how to have multiple vaginal orgasms and for keeping your vagina in tip top shape for a lifetime. Practice doing your Kegel exercises around them and you'll increase the intensity and frequency of your sexual and sensual orgasms. By increasing the strength, sensitivity and tone of the PC muscle, your sex life, like a fine wine, will get better with age.

Featured below is the model that we carry at the Your Pleasure Shop. They're comparable to the ones doctors have prescribed to help women prevent urinary incontinence, except they're about $55 LESS! These gold plated, stainless steel balls will last for years, providing hours of increased pleasure, sensitivity and control.

Directions for Use:

Place the balls 1 1/2 inches up into the vagina. When the vagina is unexcited, it is collapsed and semi-dry so the balls will stay in place.

Start doing Kegel exercises around the heavy little balls. In about two minutes the vagina will get wetter and more relaxed so the balls will start slipping down and out.

Using nothing but your pelvic floor muscles, keep squeezing around the balls and keep them from falling out.

Do this exercise once or twice a week with the weighted little gold balls for about five minutes per day, or an equivalent 300 squeezes.

This marvelous invention is also wonderful because with them women can learn to have a Vaginal G Sport orgasm. The process is the same as for the exercise except increase the time to twenty minutes, or so. The amount of tension you've built within the vaginal walls and the GSpot in particular has to RELEASE at one point. You can't build tension indefinitely. When it does, LOOK OUT! This orgasm will rock your world.

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