Blindfold or Mask

Wearing a blindfold or mask that limits sight is the oldest human device for creating mystical as well as sexual inspiration.

By limiting sight, the most important sense for taking in information, we must rely on our other senses to enjoy or take in the experience.

When we see the details, we figure we know what’s coming. We pre-judge how to approach this scenario. If it happens to be a sexual scenario, the excitement factor suffers when we end up wanting to do the same things in the same way.

Limiting eyesight with a either a blindfold or mask, heightens your other senses. They interpret what you are experiencing, focusing on each stimulation as it happens.

We depend on sight to make judgements. Without it, you can’t pre-judge the situation or how you’ll react. Every touch becomes a surprise in itself, while mental and physical anticipation heighten as you ‘wait’ for the next sensation.

Satin Blindfold

Many will argue that you don’t need a blindfold or mask to impede sight; you can just close your eyes. This won't have the same effect. The mask temporarily removes sight from helping to interpret the sensation.

Even if you open your eyes, you cannot see, so your other senses heighten in appreciation and anticipation. Unless you actually remove the cover from your eyes, you must rely on the other senses of smell, touch, taste and sound to appreciate the experience.

This itself is very erotic and exciting. Let your vivid imagination soar! There’s only one little consideration; Unless you've agreed ahead of time that this is a fantasy and assigned each other fantasy names, never call out someone else' name. It’s not nice to purposefully leave your lover out!

Relax, close your eyes, feel the touches, and receive the pleasurable stimulation without seeing and therefore, without judging.

Without purposefully covering your eyes, if you choose to see reality, the fantasy ends. All of the sexual tension you built by letting your imagination run wild drops dramatically.

Depending on how long you keep your eyes open, you could be starting from ground zero once again.

If it’s safe to use, keep it on and let the fantasy build to its most explosive conclusion.

Blindfolds or masks for erotic stimulation work best on women. Men appreciate visual stimulation as their primary sensual sense. Limit the time that you blindfold or mask a guy to 10 minutes.

Women get excited mostly through touch and imagination.

With the right touches and a few descriptive erotic suggestions whispered in her ear, you've created the fuel to build a bonfire of sexual passion and desire, no pills needed.

It almost seems silly to mention it but I must: Limiting sight with a blindfold or mask is only for trusting, loving relationships. Without trust, it is best to have all five senses understanding what’s going on.

With this device, we are encouraged to use our imagination to escalate our passionate with flights of fantasy. And why not? You have an imagination. why not use it? Society encourages us to use our imaginations to improve the world. Use yours to spice up your sex life.

When you limit sight, you encourage all the other senses to participate in your pleasure.

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