Cancer Sexuality

In its youth Cancer sexuality is a sensitive, sweet and romantic fellow. Unable to admit his appreciation for sappy movies and chick flicks, he adopts a stoic veneer (his shell) to hide his sensitivity.

Intensely apprehensive of being ridiculed, this super sensitive fellow shuts down his emotional side, suckered by the macho stereotypes.

Tom Hanks

Intensely apprehensive of being ridiculed, this super sensitive fellow shuts down his emotional side, suckered by the macho stereotypes.

When at last he secures an emotional relationship in which he feels at home, he’ll allow himself to rediscover his true sensitive nature, complete with a full range of feelings.

Like a real crab, he inhabits two worlds at once; land and sea, presenting himself as a down-to-earth fellow while at the same time possessing a murky and mysterious sensuality.

He can’t escape the tidal ebbs and flows of natural callings surging through him.

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Cancerian males are the zodiac’s Prince Charming.

Pleasing, but placid, his appearance doesn’t seethe sexuality.

Instead, cool and pale in spirit, he’s the kind of guy a girl could easily bring home to mother.

His sweetness and somewhat goofy attitude, along with his fresh-faced innocence, causes the woman to lower her guard.

Although he seems the innocent, don’t buy it. Being an unassuming stealth, he hopes to nestle his way into a woman’s heart.

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This hopeless romantic gets lost in his daydreams wherein he performs heroic deeds and saves the damsel in distress. He’s the eternal female champion, clean as a whistle and seemingly pure of heart.

The consummate marrying type, he needs to nest, nurture and be nurtured. It is under the watchful eye of his beloved that the emotionally orphaned Crab will be happiest.

He seeks the mothering kind of love that will help him realize his potential. He’s not looking for a saccharine environment to make his life easier, though. Rather he seeks a home with a woman who’ll put him through his paces and help him develop his latent greatness.

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His unique ability to empathize with women literally has him feeling what a woman seeks in a man.

Sex for him is an act of worship. No male is more compliant and eager to be immersed in the depths of the erotic experience than Cancer Sexuality.

David Alan Grier

Women are often interested because of his charm and endearing qualities.

When all is said and done, he prides himself on being a model boyfriend, husband and lover.

And although he loves sex as much as any man, he is one sign that will voluntarily save him self for marriage.

The Cancer male wants to be recognized as a good provider. He feels obliged to appear the perfect male protégé, specifically to the woman he wishes to endear himself to.

Sweet, goofy, funny and romantic, these qualities dissolve a woman’s guard. Cancer sexuality is made whole by the flood of feeling he invokes in his lover.

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The Cancerian male is all about being the perfect moral and emotional consort, the chivalric ideal.

The 4th Astrological house is concerned with the home one comes from and the home one creates.

If he’s the only male in his home, he will strive to structure his performance to live accordingly within the female system, welcoming the scrutiny of women.

Being the eternal bridegroom, he appears traditional in his approach to life, dress, and relations.

Being human, Cancer Sexuality does himself a disservice by assuming a picture-perfect posture.

His infamous moodiness is mainly due to suppressing his wilder sexual imaginings, for the sake of appearances.

Sooner or later, he must ‘come clean’ and admit his deeper, darker urgings, both to himself and his partner, without fear of being pegged a pervert.

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