Cat of Nine Tails

Cat of Nine Tails, made of leather, completes the S&M fantasy! This is the real deal! Ours is eighteen inches of semi-stiff leather strips that are sure to arouse, awaken the senses, and take your sex life to new heights of sensation.

  Ours just: $49.99

Wake up the flesh! Arouse with a tool like no other--its material will stimulate with a sensation all its own. It’s such an exhilarating feeling, teasing and testing the flesh with light strokes, burning with wild anticipation. You’ll flush just looking at it.

Ignite the passion. Unleash the pleasure of controlled pain each and every time it comes in contact with a bare bottom.

This is not a tool for the faint of heart, nor should it be used by individuals who want revenge or to intentionally punish their sexual partner. It is a tool, a sexual toy for intensity, and in the right hands arouses a pleasurable heat across one's bottom that will last through the most passionate foreplay.

For any couple who enjoys the sensuality of S&M’s intensity and the changing dynamic of its effect on their sexuality will enjoy this wonderful tool.

Leather makes the best whips. When it is a good quality, such as this model, it doesn’t leave marks or welts on the body, just an excited, heated sensation that looks as pretty as it feels.

For those who know where intense sexual stimulation begins, this is the perfect instrument for heightened pleasure.

It provides all the sensations for a spanking without any embarrassing welts or marks that would have to be explained.

Comparable to more expensive models, you’ll get great snap without too much sting. For those who like taking their sexual sensations to new heights of stimulation, let these threads of leather be your first erotic choice.

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