China Shrink Cream

Get back that deliciously tight fit with China Shrink Cream--the original and still the best.

Feel every sensation of pleasure, no matter his size or yours.  A tight vagina feels every sensation--the head, the ribbed shaft, the growth as he moves in from the head all the way down to the base.  If you want that exquisite feeling back right now, you can have it, although it'll only last for about a half an hour.  For more permanent results, check out the other products for a tight, sensitive coochy at the bottom of this page. 

Directions:  Rub a tiny bit around the inside bottom of the vagina. Within five minutes or so the vaginal walls swell temporarily, to shrink the space. You'll feel a greater sensation during intercourse and have a more satisfying experience.

Discovered centuries ago in ancient China, Shrink Cream still works today to tighten her up and increase sensitivity. Use it each time you make love. Feel every sensation for a more pleasurable and satisfying sex life.


No matter what drama or trauma your vagina has been through--with a little bit of this ancient remedy, every penetration is feels like the first one.

No matter his size, a tight fit is guaranteed for both.

This is the ultimate quick remedy to compensate for vaginal birth trauma lack of sensation. See Ben Wa Balls or Feminine Exerciser for a more permanent solution to improving tightness, sensitivity and for pleasure. To achieve a Ben Wah Orgasm the penis head has to fit snugly inside the vagina. If the vaginal canal isn't tight from numerous births and a lack of Kegel exercises, there isn't enough friction or sensation to stimulate the G-Spot up from the vaginal wall.

With this exceptional, original product you'll have all the sensatiion you could ever need.

The great thing about it is it works every time.

A tighter fit means more sensation and a greater chance of building sexual tension for orgasm.

Get back those delicious sensations you experienced in your youth.

By shrinking the space you'll increase your pleasure, which will lead to greater satisfaction.

Click on pictures to learn more about these tools that also help to tighten the vagina.

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