Clitoral Stimulants

Of all the unguents, ideas, and products for thy pleasure, clitoral stimulants are the most intriguing. Some of the creams have been available since ancient China, invented by professional women of the night  to get their Mojo going.

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Many different versions have sprung forth from the original China Nympho cream. Of all the aphrodisiacs, it has been around the longest. Marketers of all kinds are putting their best minds to the task to help the process of arousal to accelerate.

China Nympho Cream

Today, anyone can access products to help get them in the mood. Especially in this very rushed society, few people take the time necessary for blood flow. Thus female pleasure suffers. According to ancient legend, the best foreplay takes four hours.

Unfortunately, the average married American couple takes 13 minutes while the average dating couple takes 17 minutes for foreplay. Where has our normal sexuality and priority to pleasure gone?


One of the more popular clitoral stimulants is an all natural combination of Essential Oils, perfectly formulated to give your clitoris a tingle that feels like a tiny electric jolt.

Apply a drop of  ON.

Within 2 minutes your clitoris wakes up.

Originally intended for women who’d had gynecological procedures that had lessened their genitals' responsiveness, now any woman can increase her pleasure with a little topical help.

On Arousal Oil

ON Arousal Oil

I have personally tried all of these products and had a positive experience with each of them.

Each has its own particular intensity to accommodate women at different times in their lives.

At the beginning of your sensual awakening and sensual awareness, it’s good to get a head start.

                         A tiny bit of gel or use of a toy may be all you need to get the juices flowing.

By arousing the sensual female dominance that is your nature, you are taking responsibility for thy pleasure.


After childbirth and lack of exercise, a woman's blood flow slows down a bit. Women can continue to keep their blood flow going by doing Kegel Exercises all her life. Those women who don’t do Kegels regularly will eventually benefit most from topical and surgical solutions.

Given the limited time Americans allocate to sexual arousal, it is no wonder that these stimulators would be especially useful.

And if there is no sensual lover in your life with whom to share your passion and pleasure, is but a flick and a buzz away.

Generously lubricate these toys, apply to the clitoris and you’re on your way to very real physical pleasure and satisfaction.

Sqweel Stimulator


All topical clitoral stimulants vary in how long they last. When you’re in the throes of passion, it’s hard to tell where the product's effectiveness ended and your own passion took over.

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